Because I haven’t even started packing for #TRC2012 yet (yikes!) and need to do that today, I’m tossing together an assortment of interesting stuff that’s crossed my inbox in the past few days for your perusal.

Might strike some the wrong way, but for me this was a timely post from David Farland’s “Daily Kick in the Pants” about not getting mired in the past: Get over It!

If you haven’t heard about the LendInk scandal, here’s a few links to stories about it. It emphasizes the value of getting your facts straight before lighting the torches and brandishing the pitchforks:

A good article from edittorrent about show-not-tell: Make it happen IN the scene.

A good article on James J. Murray’s blog, Prescription For Murder, about developing the protagonist: The Making of a Hero in a Murder Mystery.

And, finally, a post from Kristen Lamb’s blog: More than Magic & Gadgets–Taking Science Fiction and Fantasy to Another Level

As I said, a “kitchen sink” blog today. LOL


The kitchen sink…
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