Clark (Griswold) Sr. and Jr. were busy last week at our house. These are the nicknames earned by my husband and son.

My husband has already declared when he retires in a few years, the annual Christmas light display will be his “hobby.”

Goddess help me.

Last year I (yes, ME, myself, not anyone else) installed a dedicated 20 amp GFI external circuit, on its own breaker, so he would quit tripping my living room circuit when he plugged into the only outside outlet on the front wall (which for some stupidly inexplicable reason is hooked into my living room circuit).

Took him all of fifteen minutes to blow that.

After helping him reconfigure his layout, we made it through if I didn’t turn on the lamp in the living room at the same time as the front lights.

So this year I installed ANOTHER dedicated 20 amp GFI external circuit. And he’s switched a few of the strands over to LEDs, which should help. But he’s added one wire animal and one blow-up animal to the “menagerie” (which includes a blow-up Santa on a motorcycle, a blow-up polar bear, blow-up penguin, several light-up deer, a family of light-up geese, a polar bear, etc. etc. etc.

You get the idea. This is in ADDITION to the lights on the roof and in the yard. And they informed me that they’re not done.

I’m not complaining. Seriously. He does a great job and it looks fantastic. But I hate dealing with electrical. Something about the idea of possible electrocution that stifles my enthusiasm.

Sorry the pictures are blurry, it’s hard to take night light pictures. And what you’re seeing isn’t even all of them, because there are lights along both sides of the house and some out back.

We’re the first people on our street to light up, and even though we’re more than ten houses from the end of the street, when you turn onto our street, you can immediately see our house.

I heard them muttering something about “visible from space” and put a kabosh on that.

Yeah, I know, I’m a Grinch, but our light bill can’t take that. *LOL*

There goes the electric bill…
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