#YLO #essentialoils – What oils I diffuse when working.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on TV. These are my experiences. Your mileage may vary.)

StressAwayIn the spirit of I like to recommend the stuff that I personally use and find helpful, I’ll be posting from time to time about the oils I like to use and how I use them. I am a Young Living Oils member, but I don’t push it on others. If you enjoy it, great, if not, that’s fine, too. I joined because the starter kit had a great diffuser and mix of oils in it. LOL Also, it gives me a discount on purchases. (Which was my key goal, because I use a LOT of oils and their other products.) So if you’d like to sign up, you can click here for my member link.

I have been using essential oils for years, topically, internally, and aromatically (diffuser). Two of my favorites are peppermint and rosemary. I find it helps keep me more alert and makes my writing cave smell wonderful. When I add lemon to the mix, even better. A couple of drops of each one in a diffuser in my office seems to help me with my energy levels. With my fibromyalgia and CFS, that’s critical sometimes. I try to manage and mitigate as much as I can with homeopathic methods as opposed to just chucking pills down my throat.

Another blend I’ve discovered I really like for diffusing is the Young Living Oils Stress Away blend. It contains: Copaiba (Copaifera reticulata), Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia), Ocotea (Ocotea quixos), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).

It’s just a really nice, light scent that I find helps me relax.

Again, use this info as you see fit. I’m not making any claims other than what works for me and how I use them, and I’m only speaking for myself. But I like to share information in case anyone else finds it helpful.

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#YLO #essentialoils – What oils I diffuse when working.
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