Sparkles the Unicorn carrying books and running.

Sparkles the Unicorn carrying books and running.Ahead of Shameless Book Con in Orlando next month I’m trying to get caught up. I have literally been in a hole the past several months. Spent several days last week on print formatting several books that I hadn’t got around to doing that for, and scrambling to get Incisive done so I can get it uploaded, released, and ordered in print from Amazon.

The good news is the Wellbutrin I was put on seems to have helped my brain return to something resembling normal for me before I was slammed by long covid, and it seems to also be helping manage several of my worst ADHD symptoms. So, yay for better living through chemistry!

The following books are now available in print format (pages contain affiliate links):

…and, in case you missed these:

Also… someone had emailed me about purchasing signed copies of my Bleacke Shifters series and shipping them…and I lost your email. Sorry about that. Please email me again so I can get the logistics worked out with you, thanks!

(10/18/21) New to Print
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