1. Roll over and slap snooze button when first alarm goes off for hubby.
  2. Mumble thanks when hubby brings coffee into bedroom.
  3. Slap snooze button.
  4. Slap snooze button.
  5. Swear when second alarm goes off and slap snooze button.
  6. Drag self out of bed.
  7. Gulp coffee.
  8. Stumble out to living room to sit in front of computer and gulp coffee.
  9. Swear when snooze alarm goes off in bedroom and stumble back there to shut alarm off.
  10. Dodge dogs on way back to living room.
  11. Make husband’s lunch to take to work.
  12. Gulp coffee.
  13. Swear when blurry text on computer is due to glasses being in bedroom.
  14. Dodge dogs on way back to living room. (They look clearer due to wearing glasses now.)
  15. Kiss husband goodbye as he leaves for evil day job.
  16. Check email, gulp last of coffee.
  17. Get more coffee.
  18. Check Amazon rankings.
  19. Get more coffee.
  20. Refill coffee pot.
  21. Update Twitter and Facebook statuses to something usually involving whining about not enough coffee.
  22. Tell dogs to go lay down, that I haven’t had nearly enough coffee to walk them yet.
  23. Get more coffee.
  24. Walk dogs.
  25. Write, edit, or promo, depending on what’s most important that day.
  26. Get more coffee.
  27. Get Twitter-stracted and realize I’ve wasted a half-hour there.
  28. Get more coffee.
  29. Write, edit, or promo.
  30. Walk dogs.
  31. Whine that dishes need to be done and ignore them, leaving them for hubby to do when he gets home.
  32. Decide to take shower, then decide it’s too much trouble and stay in fuzzy pink bathrobe and SpongeBob SquarePants pjs.

…Yeah, pretty glamorous life, huh? *G*

A writer’s morning.
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