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Every once in a while, I’ll see a comment, usually on Facebook or in a review, that goes something like this: “It’s like Tymber has an agenda or something.”

I don’t believe it’s merely a coincidence that one of those kinds of comments is pretty much always referring to a MM (or MMM or MMF, etc) book.

In other words, a “gay” book. Where there’s “gay” things going on, and there’s “gay” love front and center of the action.

As if me being a writer writing about *gasp!* gay characters means I have an AGENDA.

Let me clear the air once and for all.

Do I have an “agenda?”

Yes. I absofuckinglutely have an “agenda.”

Want to hear my “agenda?”

I write the books the characters in my head tell me to write.


THAT is my agenda — to write books that are true to my characters and their stories. Doesn’t matter to me if my characters are straight or bi or genderqueer or whatever. I could not care less about my characters’ sexual preferences.

What I care about is their STORY. That means remaining true to my characters.

So I’m not sorry sorry if some people are offended that I write non-straight characters. I refuse to pigeonhole my brain into writing nothing but heterosexual cisgender characters.

Nothing against writers who write nothing but mf — rock on, if that’s what your characters are telling you to write. You do you. Doesn’t mean you’re being discriminatory. You’re writing what’s true to your characters.

And that’s the whole POINT — as writers, we write the stories that our characters want to tell.

That’s how I write, and my characters run the gamut from straight to fabulously gay, and a spectrum in between.

And if you don’t like to read about gay characters? That’s your prerogative, too. Nothing against you for having a preference. Not every book is for every reader. Again, that’s FINE. NOTHING wrong with that.

However… if that “preference” bleeds over into real-life discrimination against others on your part, then yes, THAT is a fucking problem.

But having a preference to read mf books is, again, FINE. Just like some people don’t like mysteries, or some people don’t like historical books. Again, NOT every book is for every reader! There is NOTHING wrong with that.

My characters are like my real-life friends, they span a widely diverse spectrum. I refuse to silence them or not tell their stories.

And if you see that as some sort of “agenda?”

Well, honey, bless your heart, because that means the problem isn’t anything to do with me, it’s what you’re seeing in the mirror.


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