Wow, ten years!

Wow, ten years!

Subscribe to my newsletter and never miss an update! Ten years ago today, on 08/08/08, my very first fiction book was published by Amira Press, Love and Brimstone (Brimstone Vampires 1), writing as Lesli Richardson. It’s since been re-released by Siren under my Tymber Dalton pen name, with additional material restored. (And yes, I do … Read More

From Kristen Lamb: Author Despair – What to Do When You Feel Like All is Lost.

Kristen Lamb has a great post on her blog about author despair. I see a lot of writers lately questioning why they’re even trying anymore, and this is such a valid post right now.

Authors asking for reviews: the readers speak out. (And, FYI, they HATE Goodreads.)

So I conducted a highly scientific informal poll of my Tymber’s Trybe and Facebook peeps yesterday. (And a HUGE thank you to everyone who chimed in with their opinions.) The subject was asking about authors requesting reviews from readers. Which led to a side question to the Trybe peeps only about Goodreads and GR groups. … Read More

The “secret” to making it as a writer.

What is the “secret” to making it as a writer? The sooper-dooper highly classified secret? There is no secret. That’s the secret. All the knowledge is out there. Write, edit, release, repeat. There is no gaming the system, just a lot of hard work. A LOT of it. Writing the book? That’s the EASY part. … Read More

How’s your NaNoWriMo going?

*Hands you a weedwhacker and a flamethrower.* How’s the NaNo project going, bunky? Feeling a little overwhelmed? Struggling? In the weeds? Stop. No, I don’t mean stop writing, I mean stop worrying. No one’s going to kill you if you don’t get the book done, and the worrying and stressing IS killing your creativity. Write. The. … Read More

Backup Basics (Or, “WAAAAAH MY DATA IS GONE!”)

At least once or twice a week, I’ll log in to Facebook or Twitter to catch either the original post or replies to same-said post, of a fellow writer (sometimes literally) crying that their manuscript is GONE. Sometimes, the computer “ate” it. Usually, it’s a case of they only had the ONE copy, and that … Read More

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