Three times to the gym in one week. WOOT! I took it easy on my arms today (my shoulder is giving me fits) and just did machines for abs and legs. Did thirty minutes on the machines, then swam for twenty minutes. My problem before was I’d get bored doing the same thing all the time, so the chance to work on multiple machines in one session helps with that.

So far so good on sticking to the plan. I’ve switched to using up my activity points first, which is more motivation to me to exercise daily. Might not be much every day, but at least on days like this, I can rack up eight points. So far since I started the other day, I’ve earned thirty points and only used one (and that one was the day I signed up, which was late at night and I’d already had a huge meal at dinner LOL).

I started a challenge, Fit Floridians, for everyone to try to earn at least one activity point every day (or more, if you so desire).

…And that’s a hat trick!
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