Another quickie DIY project. The kitchen will eventually get a full remodel. But for now, I needed to get the disgustingly gross, not to mention non-working cheapie blind in the kitchen windows replaced. My grandfather had put them up several years earlier, and it’s one thing I hadn’t gotten around to doing. They were working until an act of kitten *cough* broke them a few weeks earlier.

I had some help from the same “help” that broke the old one in the first place.

Yes, I replaced it with equally cheap, but not gross (and working) blinds for now. (Less than $6 each at Lowe’s.) I went with two instead of one long one. I still need to put window tint in these windows as well, but didn’t feel up to wrestling with it tonight.

And voila! Took me all of thirty minutes or so, from start to finish.

Another project checked off the list.

Another DIY project: kitchen blinds.
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