This is DIY in the sense that I assembled it myself. I ordered this TV console from and it arrived Wednesday morning. (I was hoping it’d get here Thursday because I wasn’t ready for it, but oh, well.)

What I had for a TV stand was, again, left over from my grandparents. Two of them, one holding the printer, one for the TV, etc.

As you can see, they weren’t exactly…um…there are no words. Functional is the kindest one I can use.
So I unpacked the box for the new one, got the pieces inside, and it took me under an hour to assemble the new one.
Yes, I think it’s a huge improvement, too. LOL It’ll look even better once I finish painting the walls and get the carpet ripped up and new flooring put down.
Now to get rid of the other two! Ugh. A trip to Goodwill is in our future.
DIY: new TV console
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