Well, well, well–an unwell well. (And Monday freebies!)

Well, well, well–an unwell well. (And Monday freebies!)

Wasn’t exactly how I intended to spend yesterday. I spent Saturday at a book street fair with the Bard and friends, and when we went back to his house late Saturday night we kept hearing this weird electric hum periodically. Wasn’t the AC, and we couldn’t figure it out. … Read More

Bathroom Saga, part something or other…

Remember the saga from December when my dad had to replace my sixty-year-old toilet and a section of flooring? Since then, my dining room table has been buried under the mountain of (metaphorical) crap that usually resides on the shelving unit that straddles my toilet because I had to replace the flooring. Problem. Fibromyalgia and … Read More

#homeimprovementhell – It’s HOW old? (part 1)

(Just in case you thought an author’s life was glamorous…NOT.) Nothing like waking up on a MONDAY before you’ve even finished your first cup of coffee, no less, to realize your house’s ONLY toilet is LEAKING. Oh, from the BOTTOM. And it’s a sixty+ year-old WOOD-FRAME house. Yeeeeah. And yes, it’s the original toilet. Worse, … Read More

How to make a (hopefully) cat-proof tortoise table top.

I say hopefully because my cats can be creative. And technically it’s not a “table,” it’s a plastic tub, but you get the point. This is Sheldon’s inside home, and hopefully will prevent Grimmy the wonder thief from stealing Sheldon’s greens. (No, he doesn’t eat them. He just plays with them. Because he’s an asshole … Read More

Friday frappe.

Time for another mash-up of things I’ve gleaned from the interwebs (other than pictures of cats). Great article at the Writer Beware blog about when to refuse a contract (complete with reference links): http://accrispin.blogspot.com/2012/11/guest-blog-post-mustering-courage-to.html A couple of great articles from LiveScience about dreaming here http://www.livescience.com/24707-dreams-sleep-science.html and here http://www.livescience.com/17290-facts-dreams-nightmares.html. Don’t be drinking anything (you have been warned) when you read … Read More

Whew. Home improvement hell sucks. (AKA "The Great Water Heater Battle of 2012")

Grab some popcorn, this one will take a while. With Hubby not feeling good the past few days, I’ve taken up the slack in the daily routines. I also finally got around to reorganizing the bedroom. No, it’s not perfect, and far from “done,” but at least my eye doesn’t twitch in a bad way … Read More

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