Bathroom Saga, part something or other…

Remember the saga from December when my dad had to replace my sixty-year-old toilet and a section of flooring? Since then, my dining room table has been buried under the mountain of (metaphorical) crap that usually resides on the shelving unit that straddles my toilet because I had to replace the flooring. Problem. Fibromyalgia and … Read More

#homeimprovementhell – It’s HOW old? (part 1)

(Just in case you thought an author’s life was glamorous…NOT.) Nothing like waking up on a MONDAY before you’ve even finished your first cup of coffee, no less, to realize your house’s ONLY toilet is LEAKING. Oh, from the BOTTOM. And it’s a sixty+ year-old WOOD-FRAME house. Yeeeeah. And yes, it’s the original toilet. Worse, … Read More

Whew. Home improvement hell sucks. (AKA "The Great Water Heater Battle of 2012")

Grab some popcorn, this one will take a while. With Hubby not feeling good the past few days, I’ve taken up the slack in the daily routines. I also finally got around to reorganizing the bedroom. No, it’s not perfect, and far from “done,” but at least my eye doesn’t twitch in a bad way … Read More

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