Grimmy sez, “I iz BDSM expert. See? I haz rope.”

Always remember that unless someone is talking about a SPECIFIC, specialized topic (for example, fire cupping, needle play, suspension, etc.) if a person claims they are an “expert” in BDSM, they’re full of shit.

BDSM is such a widely diverse topic that it literally is the equivalent of a doctor claiming they are an “expert” in every branch of medicine.

It just is NOT possible.

If you want to get a little less life-and-death about it, it would be equivalent to a chef saying that they have mastered “all” forms of cooking. Or a mechanic saying they are an expert in working on ALL kinds of machinery.

It just isn’t possible.

A person can be an “expert” on a very specialized sub-topic of BDSM. They can also be an “expert” in how they practice their flavor of BDSM.

But beware the “expert” who claims they know everything about BDSM. Just isn’t possible. And it’s a huge red flag. There are no BDSM police who will come cite you for doing BDSM “wrong” just because you aren’t doing it the way some self-proclaimed “expert” claims. Unless it’s a safety issue, you need to find what works for YOU.

#BDSM101 Thought for the Day: “Experts”
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