#consentmatters – From the case files… NO means NO.

#consentmatters – From the case files… NO means NO.

The #MeToo movement has drastically raised awareness of consent and consent violations outside the world of BDSM. It’s ridiculously easy for people to get backed into even minor consent violations outside of a BDSM context where some outsiders might respond by saying, “Oh, just get fucking over it, that’s nothing. You weren’t ‘hurt.’ No harm, … Read More

#BDSM101 Thought for the Day: “Experts”

Always remember that unless someone is talking about a SPECIFIC, specialized topic (for example, fire cupping, needle play, suspension, etc.) if a person claims they are an “expert” in BDSM, they’re full of shit. BDSM is such a widely diverse topic that it literally is the equivalent of a doctor claiming they are an “expert” … Read More

BDSM: Switches and debunking the WTW bullshit.

Apparently the WTWs (Won Twue Wayers) are at it again. (Or, maybe that’s at it still.) I got word there’s a couple of self-appointed BDSM “experts” holding court and giving out a lot of bullshit information, such as female Dominants/Dommes like to humiliate men (not true for most of the ones I personally know, including … Read More

Well, some people just refuse to hear the truth.

A follow-up from my blog post yesterday where I took on yet another radical feminist who insists that all BDSM is abuse, regardless of consent or not. Apparently, the blogger doesn’t like hearing the truth, that the examples they used in their blog were completely unrealistic and unrepresentative of the majority of people who practice … Read More

Yet another one where I take on radical feminists’ views about BDSM.

Oh, look. Someone on the Interwebz is having a butthurt cow about consensual BDSM practices. It’s an older article, but one I was only pointed toward just today. *sigh* http://liberationcollective.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/bdsm-is-violence-against-women Here’s my response to them, because I seriously doubt they’ll let my comment stand, because, idunno, LOGIC HURTZ. *Grrrr.* … Read More

You don’t have to agree with it if it’s not YOUR life.

A great article crossed my Twitter stream this morning, and I’m so glad I happened to be on when it did. Polyamory works for us (Salon.com) Right there, that author stated things perfectly. *Warning: Rant ahead. Buckle your seatbelts and please keep hands and feet inside the moving rant until it comes to a complete … Read More

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