So a bad day of pain means a bed day of Netflix binge-watching something. Jericho is one of those series I’d always meant to watch when it came out and never did. So it came up on my Netflix queue and I’m on episode 6.


I want to like it. (That I’ve stuck it out through 6 episodes when I’ve got a Netflix queue nearly as long as my TBR pile should tell you something.)

I REALLY want to like it.


Yeah, I know. Writer brain can’t shut down and STFU. I’m catching plot holes and logic flaws galore. The storyline is barely enough to counteract that. See, I weigh stuff by entertainment value. Sharknado made me laugh my ass off, hence why I watched it and the sequel (and the third, when it comes out).

Things like a day after nuclear blasts, the deputy mayor is sitting at the bar and having a drink? Really? The guy who owns a farm and is worried about livestock is like ALWAYS in town and never at, ya know, HOME? On the FARM? Doing FARM SHIT? People in town are just wandering around like, “Oh, wow, this sucks. We have no clue if anyone’s still alive outside of our little town. Hey, this sucks we have no TV. Oh, well.” No disaster prep, no…I don’t know…panicking?

Well, except for one gas station scene where a guy who wants to run for mayor gets his balls handed to him (metaphorically) by the incumbant mayor with a really melodramatic speech.



*sigh* If I was a drinking person, I’d make a drinking game of the line, “I’m really worried about Jake.”

I love post-apocalyptic stuff. I was raised in the era of pre-Berlin Wall falling, Regan doing a mic-check joke about bombing Russia, and all that lovely shit. The Day After (John Lithgow pre-Dexter and pre-Third Rock From the Sun) scared the crap out of me.

I mean, Robert Hawkins was supposedly a cop from St. Louis but we know he’s more than that, but he seems to have a transporter and spends a lot of time in the bar, too, and is everywhere at once.

It’s just…I’m going to stick with it a little longer. But the entertainment-to-plot-flaw equation isn’t really working out much in its favor. There’s too much contrived drama when a nuclear war is pretty dramatic to start with. It’s like slapping peanut butter on a filet mignon. (And if you like that on your filet, no offense, but ew.)

I see so many ways they could have done better and they took easy ways out. What do you think? Did you watch it? Are you a fan of the series?

Binge Watching Jericho…eh…
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2 thoughts on “Binge Watching Jericho…eh…

  • May 18, 2015 at 10:23 am

    I watched it, liked some hated some!!!

  • May 18, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    Yes, I did watch it – once. Didn’t inspire a re-watch. I too watched on Netflix. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen. It had a moment or two, and there are some interesting plot twists, but you are right. So many holes, not to mention a few, wtf? Where did that come from? Seemed like they were “jumping the shark” way too often, and yeah! I am not a fan of peanut butter with my filet either. It was one of those take or leave it type show and at the time I watched, my Netflix queue did not look my tbr queue, so I did watch it all. Now, I am watching Emergency and getting a kick out of the wardrobe (OMG – I used to wear that!) and Wow! I barely remember when emergency rooms didn’t worry about insurance and actually took care of the patient. And one could spend less than $10 at the grocery store and walk out with TWO paper bags FULL of groceries. I think I may be getting old. 😀 But in spite of the redundant and predictable story lines, it is a fun nostalgia show. More fun than a re-watch of Jericho.

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