#AmericanHorrorStory – Roanoke: The Finale *Sigh*

#AmericanHorrorStory – Roanoke: The Finale *Sigh*

*sigh* So, I’ve had to revise my opinion of the American Horror Story series. To be honest, after Hotel, I had started to worry about the franchise despite there being a few individual gems in that season. AHS: Roanoke has restored my faith in the writers and showrunners, and has jumped to the top of … Read More

American Horror Story: Roanoke (aka OMG last night’s episode y’all! 6) SPOILERS #AHSRoanoke

American Horror Story: Roanoke (aka OMG last night’s episode y’all! 6) SPOILERS #AHSRoanoke

Okay… WHEW. Last night on TV, there was something utterly terrifying, scary, with implausible monsters strutting around… And when the debate ended, people watched American Horror Story: Roanoke. (Ha!) Sorry, couldn’t resist. *** SPOILER ALERT  *** If you have not seen episode 6 yet of season 6 American Horror Story: Roanoke, then be warned now … Read More

TV review: The Last Kingdom (Hint – I LOVED IT!)

I’ve been seeing the previews and promos for The Last Kingdom on BBC America and have been interested in seeing it since I missed Vikings. (Still need to see if that’s on NetFlix yet.) The premier episode aired last night after Doctor Who (#smartmarketingploy) and let me tell you something. I’m hooked. Sure, it was … Read More

RIP Porchdick (LOL) – The Walking Dead’s Corey Brill

Poor Corey Brill. He’s the actor who played Pete on The Walking Dead. Oh, you don’t remember him? How about if I call him Porchdick? Did the lightbulb go off? LOL (Well, if you don’t watch The Talking Dead immediately after, you might not have gotten that reference, either.) He’s the doctor/abusive husband who Rick … Read More

Dear The Big Bang Theory Writers: You Suck.

Dear The Big Bang Theory Writers: You suck. It’s called a “character bible,” assholes. Writing 101. Yes, I realize the fact that I’m venting about a TV show makes me more than a little Sheldonesque, but, LIKE SHELDON, I am a TAURUS. You guys dropped the ball big time on tonight’s show. (Should be called … Read More

Happy Sunday, peeps! New releases, TV chat.

It’s that final deadline crunch week of the month. Tomorrow is the release day for Flying Monkeys (Drunk Monkeys 6) YAY! Less than twenty-four hours to go. And in case you missed it, YES, I FINALLY got Geek Chic (Bleacke Shifters 2) released. It’s available on several sites right now, still waiting for Kobo, Nook, … Read More

#noflipperaction American Horror Story: Freak Show

WTheactualFUCK!!??!!! WTF did I just watch last night???? LOL #noflipperaction MUST become a hashtag. MUST. I’m not even kidding. You know, I never USED to have a problem with clowns… Past tense. I will admit, I’d only seen ONE episode, ever, of the previous seasons, and that was only because a friend of mine actually … Read More

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