#BookQuote 12/30/18 – Diligence (Determination Trilogy 2)
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My delicious fear has already fled, because I know my sadist is gone already, and this man is Christopher, Special Agent Bruunt.

The First Spouse.

A dad.

Not Priest, not even Sir.

I strip off the T-shirt and step in to join him. That’s when I see fresh scratches on his back that I didn’t put there, more on his ass, the kind of scratches the boy leaves on his Sir’s body when the sex between them is raw and powerful and downright scary, and so very breathtakingly beautiful to watch as a result.

The full-on first-round version of what I just got.

I make him turn to face me, and find a love bite on his left pec.

I slip my arms around him and kiss the spot, closing my eyes and willing my love and energy into Kevin through it, a briefly tangible connection between us.

DILIGENCE (Determination Trilogy 2) – writing as Lesli Richardson

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#BookQuote 12/30/18 – Diligence (Determination Trilogy 2)