Determination Trilogy – Book 2

She wants it all…

(MMF, contemporary political romance, secret workplace romance, power exchange, Secret Service agent, HEA)

Writing As: Lesli Richardson

Release Date: 12/28/2018

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She wants it all…

My name is ShaeLynn Samuels, and all my life I’ve settled for second place to my own mother, who is a political legend in our home state of Florida.

So far, I’ve proven myself through several crucibles, and now I’m a US Senator. Many people would be happy with that accomplishment, but not me.

Because I want more—I want it all.

I’m determined to be POTUS.

And if washed-up TV news host Kevin Markos is my best chance to get elected, then by god, I’ll make him come work for me however I have to.

Even if Markos doesn’t want to, and even if it means I turn the head of my Secret Service detail loose on him.

Because Special Agent Christopher Bruunt has a secret assignment beyond protecting me—he’s warming my bed. And he has a few plans of his own for Kevin Markos.

You see, Christopher and Kevin have a secret history…and Christopher has pictures.

(The Determination Trilogy is a standalone spin-off trilogy set in the world of the Governor Trilogy.)

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