*hangs head* It’s confession time.

I must admit–although this comes as no surprise to anyone who’s in my Trybe group–that I snack on SyFy Asylum movies like Sharknado as if they were candy.

Because they are. Delicious, naughty, calorie-free brain candy.

sharcanoImagine my delight when I discovered a book that was like Sharknado and Volcano got together, got drunk, forgot to use protection before a night of raunchy sex, and had a book baby.

Sharcano (Sharkpocalypse #1)

I normally don’t write book reviews because I’m an author, but since this book is far outside my writing genre, and it was hysterical to boot, I had to. I gave it a solid 4-stars. Had the editing been better, it would have gotten a solid 5 from me for sheer entertainment value.

Normally, I don’t write a lot of reviews.

I had to review this book.

If you’re looking for “Great American Fiction,” keep looking.

If you’re looking for the literary version of Sharknado, then welcome home, kiddies!

Yes, I actually paid full price for this book and don’t regret a cent of it. Yes, there were some minor editing issues here and there, but the book was (I hope) deliberately written in nearly a slap-stick kind of way, poking fun at itself and the characters, much as Sharknado did. Keep in mind when reading this book that you’re NOT getting a “serious” book. It’s basically a parody of B-grade SyFy Asylum movies. If you don’t enjoy those, then don’t bother buying this book. Fair warning, you need a sense of humor (and maybe some alcohol) to be able to enjoy this book.

It held my interest, I enjoyed it, and I will definitely read more work by this author. Pure diversionary fiction that I was surprised to find myself having a hard time putting it down at times.

So what are your guilty reading pleasures? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

Confession Time: Guilty reading pleasures edition.
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