Concerning the Charles Michael Segaloff / Michael Makai arrest.

b8u07aI’d like to address a point the troll on my original post brought up.

To clarify for the idiots who didn’t get it from context, I’m sure there are PLENTY of very nice people in that BDSM Without the BS Facebook group who are appalled at Segaloff’s alleged actions involving a minor, and the fact that he concealed the fact that he was a convicted, registered sex offender doling out BDSM advice. I know this, because quite a few of them have told me that.

(Edited to add: And no, I’ve never said to anyone that if you don’t do things my way you’re doing them wrong. I’ve said the exact opposite quite a few times, so that was laughably funny, actually. Obviously the person who said that has never read my blog. As for calling me a “twat” or someone who’s trying to “sensationalize” this? Sorry, wrong again. I’ve stuck to the FACTS of this case. Making sure the public is aware of a PREDATOR is NOT sensationalizing anything, and trying to stifle that kind of discussion is exactly the environment predators love to thrive in.  There’s a lot of stuff I’ve dug up on Segaloff that I won’t post because 1) it’s not germane to the case, and/or 2) I don’t have concrete proof of it. I will admit to being very tenacious, however, especially when dealing with a convicted registered sex offender. As to the admins wanting time to regroup, hello, there’s proof Segaloff was a convicted registered sex offender. That’s not conjecture, or opinion, or rumor. That’s EASILY seen FACT. I think that is what, according to what people have reported to me, has pissed people off, that there are FACTS aside from the current charges and some people are seemingly willfully ignoring those.)

However (to get back on point).

There are a lot of people in that group clueless about what’s going on because of how the admins have stifled free discussion of the matter. Also, there are a LOT of people in that group who are very upset that there weren’t super-strong statements being put out immediately by the admins denouncing Segaloff, and the fact that he’s already proven to be a CONVICTED REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER. They’re also upset that discussion of the case is being tightly controlled. And quite a few of those people who are upset over this have expressed to me privately that they’re AFRAID to speak up to the admins for fear of getting booted from the group, or getting attacked by a few very vocal defenders of Segaloff.

There are also still some people in that group who, despite being shown the evidence of Segaloff’s past conviction, are refusing to believe he’s guilty of anything. (Screenshots multiple people have sent me show that.) People wanting to DEFEND the guy.

Hello, he’s already a CONVICTED REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER. Fact. (See my original post for the proof of that.)

Even Hitler had a dog.

Multiple dogs. I think we can all pretty much agree (those of us who are rational human beings with an ounce of common sense and intelligence, at least) that Hitler was THE motherfucking shitstain of all shitstains, the very embodiment of what even atheists can get behind labelling as “evil.”

Right? Cool.

Even Hitler had a dog.

Depending on someone’s level of interaction with Segaloff, I get it that some don’t WANT to believe he lied and concealed the fact that he was a CONVICTED REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER. I get it. They want to wait and see in the federal case as well. I get it. They might not want to admit that they were taken in by a guy who purported to be something he wasn’t.


Just keep that in mind before you go jumping to defend Segaloff.

And FYI, please stop using that “white knight syndrome” to describe what Segaloff’s accused of doing here, okay? Just stop it. You look like idiots.

(Another edit: The fact that the ONLY thing I’m focusing on regarding the BDSM Without the BS Facebook group is Segaloff, his actions, and his supporters/defenders should tell any of you who are pissed off at me that you are, in fact, idiots. I can’t help the fact that the admins have pissed people off in there about how they’ve handled this. I didn’t do that–I’m not even a member. People have come to me to express their displeasure because they don’t feel safe expressing their opinion about it in the group. But if people are unhappy with how admins have handled all of this, and considering how many people have left the group since this started is telling, the admins should perhaps start listening to the membership. But, ya know, that’s just my opinion.)

(Additional Edit: If the admins of that group were really wanting to distance themselves from Segaloff and his actions, they’d start a whole NEW group, with ZERO affiliation/association with Segaloff, and then they could in good conscience ban all discussions of the case since he’s not a part of the group and never was affiliated with it. But again, that’s just my opinion. Considering that was “Segaloff’s group,” it’s always going to be tainted by him, and it’s going to keep coming up occasionally from people who weren’t aware of what’s going on and coming in late to the discussion. Not to mention it’s not beyond the realm of probability that that group is under the scrutiny of law enforcement based on this current case. I don’t know that for sure, but I’d wager money on it. It’d probably be safer for members to be in a group not likely to be focused on by LEO. Again, that’s just my opinion.)

Even Hitler had a dog…
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2 thoughts on “Even Hitler had a dog…

  • December 28, 2015 at 12:48 pm

    I am so very thankful to you for posting this sane and reasonable take. I was indeed, on the BDSM w/o the BS FB group. I also have met and heard Makai’s presentations. Immediately upon hearing the news I, by merely Googling, came up with the fact that yes, indeed, he had been arrested. No “wait and see” was necessary because his sex offender status was mentioned in nearly every story. And the immediate rush to defend him infuriated me all the more because no one was bashing BDSM, they were bashing a sexual predator who crossed state lines with a 17 year old girl for the purposes of sex. Don’t care if it was kinky or vanilla or imaginary. THAT was the big deal. And I, too, was shut down when attempting to point out that just because he was “one of us” didn’t automatically give him a pass. I do know that some folks are sensitive about backlash against the kink community, but they should also be real. And yes, I dropped out of that FB group particularly because the remaining moderator/expert kept telling the members it was all “unknown”, just “rumor”. Which, by the time I quit the group, was a “rumor” only if you hadn’t read the FBI arrest warrant petition! Thanks for being real.

  • December 28, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    The bottom line…there are sick fucks out there that successfully manage to masquerade as “dominants”. It is imperative for EVERYONE in the lifestyle to remain vigilant and pay attention to cues that someone is not what they report to be.

    Public records, easily available indicate this man was a sexual predator. No one wants to admit they have been taken end by a snake oil peddler but in this cause people need to recognize the best response is to just back away and let the court system deal with this individual.

    Side note. When an almost 60 year old man drives across country to remove a 17 year old girl from her home and then incorporates her into his polymorphous life style? It’s a huge red flag he’s a douchbag, not a Lifestyle guru.

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