Even Hitler had a dog…

Concerning the Charles Michael Segaloff / Michael Makai arrest. I’d like to address a point the troll on my original post brought up. To clarify for the idiots who didn’t get it from context, I’m sure there are PLENTY of very nice people in that BDSM Without the BS Facebook group who are appalled at Segaloff’s alleged actions involving … Read More

US legal system primer: how someone is labelled a “registered sex offender.”

I’m seeing an appalling number of people who are either just woefully ignorant of how our justice system works, or are deliberately being willfully stupid, when it comes to this case of Michael Makai / Charles Michael Segaloff. You cannot just get slapped with a “sex offender” label. To become a registered sex offender, you must … Read More

Why you trust your gut: #BDSM and predators in the lifestyle. (Charles Michael Segaloff / Michael Makai arrest)

Information about sexual predator and registered sex offender Charles Michael Segaloff, aka self-proclaimed BDSM “expert” and author Michael Makai, aka Michael McKay, aka Michael Sage … Read More

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