11218875_1147974795217303_7435136006430851613_nNot only is it Friday, it’s also release day for my book Initiative (Suncoast Society 31, MMF, BDSM), AND I’m going to kick off the weekend right with a FREEBIE ALERT post!

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Two years later, Susie mourns the death of her beloved husband and Master, but that aspect of their lives was secret. She now self-medicates with work and thinks love—and passion—are things of the past. When attending her twenty-year high school reunion, her only bright point is reconnecting with beloved friends, Grant and Darryl.

As kids, Grant and Darryl didn’t understand their feelings for Susie…or for each other. It took Darryl going through a disastrous divorce before the men got together and Grant could claim Darryl not just as his partner, but as his slave. They have to keep all aspects of their relationship hidden because of their jobs, yet they immediately recognize the significance of Susie’s bracelet.

That Grant and Darryl now play a far sexier version of Dungeons and Dragons only seals the deal for Susie. When outside forces try to destroy the men’s careers, can Susie take the initiative and save their new-found happiness?


sm-td-ss-vulnerable3Vulnerable (Suncoast Society 30, MM, BDSM) is now available from third-party outlets. (Some are slower than others to show up.)



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Leo didn’t want a divorce, yet he can no longer ignore the fact that he’s gay—and kinky. He knows it’s going to break Eva’s heart, but he cannot be the husband she needs. He doesn’t want their daughter raised by two miserable parents.

Jesse is gun-shy after his former Master abused him and his trust. He admires Leo’s dedication to Eva and his patience despite her repeated attempts to delay and derail the divorce. And he absolutely adores Laurel, Leo’s young daughter.

But when tragedy strikes, Jesse is forced to forge an uncomfortable alliance with Eva for Laurel’s sake…and her safety. That’s when Jesse learns the dark secrets Leo has kept on Eva’s behalf for so long, and why. With the strong welder now clinging to life, Jesse must step up and man up to protect the cherished family of the Master he loves before their vulnerability rips everything they’ve struggled to build apart at the seams.

NOTE: Eva’s story is continued in The Strength of the Pack (Suncoast Society 30, MF)

Suncoast Society series page and reading order.

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Freebie Alert: 9/25/2015 (Release Day Edition)
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