This random thought is prompted by a picture someone posted in the Trybe.


That’s not the superpower I’d want. I want something…different.

I’d want the ability to point at someone (or a group of people) and make them spontaneously orgasm.

Hear me out.

Think of how it would stop wars? Fighting while jizzing one’s pants? Not so much an option. And if they tried to get up and start fighting again, I’d just zap them again until they realized fighting wasn’t good.

Someone’s being a jerk in a store line? Make ’em come, and stare at them while they’re rolling around on the floor in orgasmic bliss.

Someone road-raging at you in traffic? Make ’em come! (Hopefully they won’t cause an accident in the process, though.)

Someone robbing a bank? Make ’em come. While they’re rolling around on the floor you can take their gun away from them and cuff them.

Someone tries to flee police? Make ’em come. They’ll stop, drop, roll around in an orgasmic bliss, and–most importantly–not die in the process.

See? THAT would be a superpower that would actually do some good without doing harm. It’s not going to kill someone (well, not directly). It would make people happy.

What would your superpower be if you could choose one? Sound off in the comments!

Did you see I had a new release yesterday? Kinko de Mayo is now available from Siren-BookStrand. And Baxter the Bondage Cat makes an appearance in it, this time doing battle with a Sybian. LOL


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If I had a superpower…
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3 thoughts on “If I had a superpower…

  • April 11, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    Actually… That’s not at all a bad idea Tymber. It would be an awesome superpower! 😀

  • April 11, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Now that is one of the most interesting, out of the box ideas for bringing about world peace that I have ever heard! 🙂 Can you imagine Miss World contestants being asked “if you had one super power ….” and one of them giving that response! LOL! I think they would go to an ad break really quickly – but it would be hilarious to watch!

  • April 12, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    After I got my chuckles under control I read this to my hubby. He just shook his head and replied “This is why I stay away from your email and e-reader.” What can I say? His logic cannot comprehend such creative thinking. I thought this was a great idea! Next time someone cuts me off in rush hour traffic (promise it will happen with Monday’s commute without fail) I will this of this and giggle.

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