#Cockygate – WTF? The summation.

#Cockygate – WTF? The summation.

Coming Soon | Pre-Orders | Series Info You’ve probably been hearing about #cockygate the past couple of weeks and might be wondering WTF is that? Long story short: A fairly newbie writer (Faleena Hopkins) decided she was going to trademark a common word, “cocky,” and then started going after other writers who’d used it in their book … Read More

Copyright Infringement – It’s not just about the text.

Photographer Jon Paul Ferrara posted today on Facebook about finding some of his artwork illegally used as covers on e-books available on Amazon. It has been brought to my attention Amazon is republishing my artwork on e-books being sold throughout the world on their web-sites without my consent in at least 12-14 countries that I … Read More

Yay! Google is FINALLY getting off its ass about piracy in GooglePlay Books.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I bitched about piracy in GooglePlay Books? Well, it hasn’t been just me bitching, either. Ink, Bits, and Pixels (formerly The Digital Reader) picked it up and ran with it, and has been doing a series of posts about it, applying Google’s feet to the metaphorical digital fire. … Read More

WTF GooglePlay Books? You are ALLOWING pirates to operate!

This shitstain of a cuntnugget needs to go down: https://play.google.com/store/books/author?id=Dogukan+Akbulut ALL the books he has posted are ILLEGALLY POSTED. And I found out today, after discovering he’d posted at least one of mine, that authors have been sending takedown notices to GooglePlay Books for WEEKS and their books are STILL showing up there. The illegally … Read More

If I had a superpower…

This random thought is prompted by a picture someone posted in the Trybe. That’s not the superpower I’d want. I want something…different. I’d want the ability to point at someone (or a group of people) and make them spontaneously orgasm. Hear me out. Think of how it would stop wars? Fighting while jizzing one’s pants? … Read More

Still More Ellora’s Cave vs. Dear Author WTFery.

I should have waited to post my last update. Since then, there was a filing that Courtney Milan (as per usual) did a great job of parsing into plain English. http://www.courtneymilan.com/ramblings/2015/02/24/motion-to-quash-gag-orders-notchilled/ Then, there was this article. http://www.vulture.com/2015/02/amazon-tina-engler-erotica.html Um, whut? I need a graphic…hold on.         No, still not quite right… Noo, not … Read More

Writer Beware: How NOT to behave toward readers and fellow writers.

Asshat author on the internet gets pissed off when readers call her out for agreeing with a commenter who said writers and readers of dark erotica should be “kidnapped and raped.” *dropping here* 3..2..1..Go. http://writeyourassoff.blogspot.com/2014/11/writer-beware-how-not-to-behave-toward.html

#noflipperaction American Horror Story: Freak Show

WTheactualFUCK!!??!!! WTF did I just watch last night???? LOL #noflipperaction MUST become a hashtag. MUST. I’m not even kidding. You know, I never USED to have a problem with clowns… Past tense. I will admit, I’d only seen ONE episode, ever, of the previous seasons, and that was only because a friend of mine actually … Read More