One day at a time, new audiobooks.

Thank you, again, for the outpouring of love and support over the past seven weeks. I truly appreciate it. I celebrated Yule last weekend with my Vikings group, of which my Viking was also a member (not how we met but we always loved the irony). They surprised me by giving me my membership certificate and “ingot” necklace that has our group’s insignia on it, but also ones for Russ, too. Which of course made me ugly cry, but at least they were good, healthy, cleansing tears. Spouse went with me to the Jimmy Buffett concert, which Russ was supposed to attend with me. I only cried once during the concert (during “Come Monday,” which those of you who’ve read The Reluctant Dom will understand why I cried) so that’s progress too, right? I wore Russ’ favorite shirt that he was going to wear, the necklace with some of his ashes in it, and had a picture of him with me. I know he was there with me in spirit. I know this is a marathon, not a sprint, but I’m still struggling to regain my footing right now. I’m blessed to have Spouse and dear friends who are adopted family to lean on right now.

I’m struggling my way through final edits for Incisive. (I know I keep saying that, sorry.) My goal is to have it released by the end of the month, typos or not. It’s a MASSIVE books, the longest one I’ve ever written. But I need to get it out there. I’m also certain I’m going to ugly cry when I revise the author’s note at the back of the book (yet again).

I do have some positive news, however. Scribd now has four of my Lesli Richardson titles available on their service in audiobook format: The Great Turning (book 1), Jailmates (Maxim Colonies 1), Farborn (Maxim Colonies 2), and Governor (Governor Trilogy 1). Scribd is like Kindle Unlimited, only better for both authors and readers. They have e-books, audiobooks, and all sorts of extra perks. AND, you can try it F-R-E-E for 60 days!

Click here for a free Scribd trial.

Click here for my titles on Scribd.

I’ll dive back into my writing cave now and hopefully the next update you’ll get from me will be that I’ve got Incisive released.

Thank you.

One day at a time, new audiobooks.
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