11921700_565703956911714_3838294121893998826_n(Warning: Ranty Pants are ON.)

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis deserves to be in jail, and kudos to the judge for not simply fining her, which might allow her supporters to rally around and raise funds for her, not allowing her personally to feel the fallout of her failure to perform her duties.

Yes, my head is about to explode because of all the bullshit I’m seeing from people defending this woman, who is, frankly, an idiot. (And so are the people defending her.)

  1. Kim Davis is a Rowan County, Kentucky clerk, and an elected official, who took an oath to uphold the law when she took office. (That’s why they haven’t been able to “just fire her.” They have to go through some wrangling to get her out of office.)
  2. Kim Davis has been refusing since June, 2015 to issue ANY marriage licenses, because she’s attempting to circumvent the SCOTUS decision that wipes out gay marriage bans as unconstitutional.
  3. Kim Davis claims this is a religious freedom issue — no, it’s an issue that she ran for an office, willingly, and when she did she did so under the presumption that she would uphold the law, regardless of her religious beliefs. (What if a Buddhist refused to issue hunting or fishing licenses, or a Quaker refused to issue gun permits, or a strict Muslim refused to issue driver’s licenses to women? YES, it’s the SAME DAMN THING.)
  4. Kim Davis defied a court order to start issuing marriage licenses, thereby earning herself a contempt of court charge, which is why she was hauled off by federal marshals and into custody.
  5. This is NOT a free speech or First Amendment or religious freedom issue. This is a FAILURE TO PERFORM JOB DUTIES issue. Even the US DISTRICT COURT JUDGE, Judge Bunning, who himself said he’s against same-sex marriage, said she HAS TO UPHOLD THE LAW. “Bunning, who has made clear himself that he’s opposed to same-sex marriage, responded sensitively to the deputies’ feelings, but said people who take an oath to uphold  the law must sometimes do things they disagree with. “I don’t think that telling someone not to comply with a lawful order is something that a clerk or anyone else who takes an oath to uphold the law is able to do,” he said.”
  6. Kim Davis claims religious objections to issuing same-sex marriage certificates, but it didn’t stop her from getting multiple divorces, or having children out of wedlock.
  7. The SCOTUS ruling wiping out same-sex marriage bans is equivalent to the same ruling that wiped out interracial marriage bans. Therefore, there does NOT need to be any “new laws” specifically allowing same-sex marriages. (pg 19, paragraph 2) (Gawd, seriously, some of you whackadoodles REALLY need to go back to high school civics and learn your Constitution!)
  8. There is no “war on religion” because, honestly? The only people I really hear screaming that are white Christians who basically use that tactic when it comes to the rest of us forcing them to keep their religion out of our government. (I won’t think in your church if you don’t pray in my school, buddy.)
  9. This is NOT a country founded on religion by our founding fathers. In fact, they said the exact opposite. (Again, go back and do your high school history and actually READ THE WORDS THEY WROTE. Quit reading cherry-picked stuff your preachers hand you. In other words, sit down, and STFU.) In our Constitution it PROHIBITS the government from establishing a religion. By allowing Kim Davis to buck the court order, it is allowing her to VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION. Also, read Here, and Here, and Here.
  10. Here is the EASY test: If you replace “same-sex” in this sentence with ANY other descriptor, it should become readily apparent what the problem is, if you have a working, independently cogent brain: I want to deny marriage licenses to interracial couples / black people / Muslims / people with learning disabilities / people who’ve been married more than twice / people who are over the age of 50 / Neo-Nazis / people who fly the Confederate flag / Republicans / Democrats / Methodists / people with a physical disability / people who have green hair / people who wear glasses / people who are pregnant out of wedlock / people who like Nickleback / people who don’t like Doctor Who / people who called me names / Jews / Native Americans / Mexicans / Canadians / doctors / lawyers / bookworms / Patriots fans. The thing is, ALL OF THOSE WORDS make the statement equally WRONG, as wrong as if you insert the words “same-sex” into it. (Duh.)
  11. I am, for the record, NOT against anyone having their religion. Seriously. I AM however against someone who RUNS for a public office, who swears to uphold and defend that same office, who refuses to do her job citing religious issues. Then she should step down from her office and resign so someone else can DO the damn job. But she doesn’t want to do that. She doesn’t want to give up her cushy salary. No, you don’t get to grandstand on this issue. Go do it on your own dime. If you are a public official, you are held to DIFFERENT STANDARDS. You are NOT allowed to discriminate. You are NOT allowed to violate the law, and you’re DAMN sure not allowed to thumb your nose at a legal federal court order.

Comments are turned off, because, frankly, I don’t have time to joust with any idiot who wants to defend her. I’m NOT saying she doesn’t have a right to her opinion–she DOES. However, if a JUDGE can say he’s against same-sex marriage and STILL DO HIS JOB to order her to do hers, then she has NO legal leg to stand on. Which is why she’s in JAIL. (I’m giving YOU side-eye, Mike Huckabee — go BACK TO FREAKING CONSTITUTION 101 CLASS!)

I really am starting to think that people should be REQUIRED to pass intelligence tests and tests about the law and Constitution before they’re 1) allowed to vote, and 2) allowed to hold public office. That’s how dumbasses like Kim Davis are elected, because of voter apathy and people just not giving a shit to get involved.

Also, if she wants to inject her religion into her GOVERNMENT job, maybe the government should inject itself into her religion and start collecting taxes on churches. (Ha, see? You don’t get one without the other. You do NOT get to have your cake and eat it, too.)

Just like the people who scream about the “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Helloooo??? That wasn’t original, either. At least we’re not Nazi-saluting it anymore. (Sheesh.)

Do your homework before you open your mouths. Seriously, you just make yourselves look stupid.

Kim Davis deserves to be in jail.
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