s-td-ss-outofthespotlight3My book Out of the Spotlight (Suncoast Society 23, MMF, BDSM) is now available on Kindle (meaning it’ll be coming soon to other third-party sites):


Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK)


Nick knows his deepest secret—he’s a bisexual masochistic submissive—won’t mesh with his macho, action-hero Trevor Nichols persona. He flees Hollywood in disguise for a secret vacation in his hometown of Sarasota…and a trip to a BDSM club. Nick didn’t expect to fall in love with Lucas and Leigh, but he’s never been happier. This is who he wants to be, and Lucas and Leigh are who he wants.

Lucas and Leigh have been best friends since college. Both had their share of heartbreak. Lucas is gay, but he’s Leigh’s Master and lover, and they’ve decided to get married and have a baby. Meeting Nick at a munch throws a hiccup into their plans, because they’re both attracted to the hottie who looks vaguely familiar.

Now the paparazzi are on Nick’s trail and threatening to turn Lucas and Leigh’s world upside down. Can he still have it all, or will he be forced to say good-bye to protect them?

New to Kindle: Out of the Spotlight (Suncoast Society 23)
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