BzeWyXvCYAExiwZWTheactualFUCK!!??!!! WTF did I just watch last night???? LOL

#noflipperaction MUST become a hashtag. MUST.

I’m not even kidding.

You know, I never USED to have a problem with clowns…

Past tense.

I will admit, I’d only seen ONE episode, ever, of the previous seasons, and that was only because a friend of mine actually made and provided the canes they used in an episode of Asylum. I can see I must find time to shave off my sleeping time and go back and binge watch the rest of them.

Just…I have no words. I can’t even. EVEN.


Yes, I’m hooked. Sound off in the comments to tell me what I need to know about past episodes/seasons. I’ll be watching this one for SURE.

#noflipperaction American Horror Story: Freak Show