…now, with SSL!

For those of you who are frequent visitors to the site, you might notice I now have SSL (the little lock in the browser bar, and you’ll see that the website is now https:// instead of http://). I mean, I don’t collect data on here from visitors, like sales information or anything like that, but it’s a best-practices kind of thing.

But search engines are giving heavier weight to sites that are secure, as well as earlier this year, Chrome started putting a huge, honking NOT SECURE note on the browser bar for sites not running secure certificates.

Hopefully nothing was broken when it was installed, but if you notice anything acting wonky, or pictures not appearing when they should be, etc, please shoot me an e-mail at tymberdalton AT gmail DOT com and let me know the url for where the issue is so I can contact my host. Thanks! 🙂

…now, with SSL!
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