Now in Print: Come in From the Cold (Suncoast Society) #filthypriest

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Yes, that bastardly single dad you love to hate (until Connor redeems himself) is now available in PRINT! (It’s pretty bad when even my editor calls my hero a bastard. LOL) #filthypriest

(FYI: If you go to order it in print from Amazon and it says it’s out of stock, please order it anyway. They’re ordering from print-on-demand, and they won’t charge you until it actually ships. But the more people who order it, the faster they’ll get it back in stock. Thanks!)

Come in From the Cold (Suncoast Society, MM, BDSM)

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Although it broke his heart to leave, Douglas never thought he’d see Connor again. Douglas truly believed becoming a priest was the only way to save both their souls. But when a beloved friend from college arrives at his rectory, he can’t turn his back on her. Now he’s newly widowed, and the father of a newborn.

Connor’s heart has never healed from losing Douglas. Despite twenty-five years passing, Connor hopes the old promise he extracted—show up, and he’d never turn his back on him—might one day come to pass. Meanwhile, he’ll raise his daughter and steal what little bits of personal time he can to help ease his lonely existence.

Yet fate is cruelly kind. Connor’s boy has returned…except he became the one thing Connor cannot ever accept. The Church created bottomless wounds in Connor’s soul that have never healed. Is Douglas strong enough to withstand Connor’s righteous wrath, or will both men’s hearts remain forever frozen?

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If you have never read a m/m love story this is a perfect place to start; you will believe really believe Doug, Connor and their children were meant to be a family. Thank you, Ms. Dalton. Come in From the Cold is a new Top Pick; this may be an all time favorite read for me right up there with the The Reluctant Dom. A complete aside if you haven’t read The Reluctant Dom 1-click it now, grab a box of tissues and hold on for one heck of an emotional ride. – 5 stars, Shh Moms Reading

You can see the entire Suncoast Society series reading order and information about the series on its page.

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Numb as a Statue (Suncoast Society, MM, BDSM) writing as Tymber Dalton:

Rom is an admitted control freak due to a life-shattering event that changed his world forever. He doesn’t believe in pretty words—he wants a guy he can trust, who shows him how he feels, not simply says it. But the gorgeous artist is a literal freaking Adonis…and Rom wants him.

Colton has faced heartbreaking rejection in his life and isn’t willing to settle for less than a guy who’s willing to take charge and not destroy his delicate trust in the process. In Rom he sees a quiet confidence with no need to prove anything to anyone. But Colton wants to prove to Rom he’s his forever guy.

Take two beautiful but wounded, fragile hearts, mix in one meddling matchmaker…and see what magic follows. Just hold the peanuts, please.

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Now in Print: Come in From the Cold (Suncoast Society) #filthypriest
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