This is that periodic whine I hate to do but which is included in the whole part and parcel of being a writer.

Amazon places a HUGE amount of weight on reviews (positive and critical) when its magic sauce algorithms determine a book’s placement. It’s not just the sales that can put it on the top of the list. It also determines if a book is shown in the “Also Read” and recommendation areas.

Even just a line or two about how the book made you feel, or what didn’t work for you as a reader, will help. Doesn’t have to be a long review.

I would GREATLY appreciate reviews (if you are of the reviewing kind and if not, seriously, NO worries) for especially the following books on Amazon, since they are the newest arrivals there and don’t have many reviews.

You can find my Amazon page at: Just sort by Kindle for format, and Publication Date, and you’ll see them toward the top of the list.

Thank you! (Again, if you are not a person who reviews, no worries!)

Pretty please…
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