Suncoast Society – 61

(Contemporary romance, BDSM, power exchange, MF, accidental baby, old loves reunited, second chance love, older MCS, HEA)

A funeral and an encounter with an old boyfriend might make Tracey do more than revisit her past—it might lead her to her future.

Writing As: Tymber Dalton
Release Date: 10/30/2017

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Tracey knows she’s lucky. She has a chance to rebuild her life—and her relationship with her daughter, Emma—in a healthy way. But when she’s forced to travel to California for a cousin’s funeral, she dreads seeing her family and enduring the insults she knows will follow. Except…she didn’t expect to rekindle something with her old boyfriend, Eric.

Widowed and with his dreams shattered, Eric easily recalls the love he’s always held for Tracey. Whether this is a second chance or a one-time weekend to remember remains to be seen. Either way, he’ll take the opportunity, no matter how short, to be with her.

But Emma isn’t so trusting. And when another complication crops up, Tracey runs a very real risk of losing Emma a second time and that’s something Eric will not allow Tracey to do.

So how do you woo a genius super-villain in training into liking you, much less accepting you as one of her “dads?”

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