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I’m frequently asked about the “correct” reading order for the Suncoast Society series. When I first started writing them, they were only connected by theme (BDSM) and not by characters. But the characters, as they so often do, took on a life of their own and decided they were more than just stories passing each other in file folders on my computer’s hard drive.

The characters started walking through each others’ books.

Tony Daniels, of course, was the first “offender,” so to speak. He appeared in both Domme by Default and The Reluctant Dom at first. I didn’t have plans to give him his own story.

Well, rather, HE hadn’t spoken up with his own story. But eventually he did. Giving me The Denim Dom. And he makes an appearance in Two Geeks and Their Girl (but in a vanilla way).

He also plays an important role in Pinch Me, coming 8/23 from Siren-BookStrand.

So while all the books in this series are standalone stories in their own right, I’m going to suggest a preferred reading order simply to avoid one book revealing spoilers about other books. This is more a chronological order.

  1. Safe Harbor
  2. Cardinal’s Rule
  3. Domme by Default
  4. The Reluctant Dom
  5. The Denim Dom
  6. Pinch Me (coming 8/23/13)
Ray, Oot, and kitten from Safe Harbor also appear in Love Slave for Two: Beginnings, and in kitten’s tale. While kitten’s tale is BDSM, it’s not technically part of the Suncoast Society series.
If you don’t read them in the “right” order, really, it’s not going to hurt anything. Each book focuses on a different set of main characters, with other characters in supporting roles. But now that the characters have made it plain to me that they’re all going in this direction, the books will be more chronological in relation to each other. Still all standalone works, but you might come across spoilers if read in a non-chronological order.
Suncoast Society series reading order.

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  • August 8, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    I am glad they are considered stand-alone books because of course I didn’t read them in this order. I still have to read Cardinal’s Rule and Safe Harbor. I just finished Two Geeks and Their Girl (BTW, if all nerds are like Korbin and Rhys, then sign me up!) and I really enjoyed it! It was a nice little book to get lost in and the “nerds” were so smexy!! Keep doing what you are doing, I enjoy reading them and love that you interact with your fans!

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