#notchilled Ellora’s Cave vs Dear Author lawsuit update (10/14/2015)

Over on the Write Your Ass Off blog I’ve posted the latest update (and my latest rant). New filings in the case by DA, and there’s a jaw-dropper of a footnote on one of the pages that you DEFINITELY will want to read about if you’re following the case. http://writeyourassoff.blogspot.com/2015/10/elloras-cave-vs-dear-author-more.html

Breaking News: Shocker (not) the Ellora’s Cave site is down.

Since yesterday (6/30/2015) the Ellora’s Cave site as been “under construction.” According to a post on their Facebook page, there’s a new site coming. One has to wonder why they didn’t sandbox the new site and just swap it out with the old one once it’s done? That would, after all, be a best practice. … Read More

Ellora’s Cave versus Dear Author lawsuit: @pubnt’s motion to quash…DENIED.

The motion stands for itself. Thanks again to Courtney Milan for posting this. (I missed it when it first came out.) Bottom line? If you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing in terms of law, hire a damn lawyer to work for you instead of filing pro se. Especially since (as you’ll read) @pubnt … Read More

Still More Ellora’s Cave vs. Dear Author WTFery.

I should have waited to post my last update. Since then, there was a filing that Courtney Milan (as per usual) did a great job of parsing into plain English. http://www.courtneymilan.com/ramblings/2015/02/24/motion-to-quash-gag-orders-notchilled/ Then, there was this article. http://www.vulture.com/2015/02/amazon-tina-engler-erotica.html Um, whut? I need a graphic…hold on.         No, still not quite right… Noo, not … Read More

More Ellora’s Cave vs. Dear Author crazy (IT edition).

These were posted over on Deirdre Saoirse Moen’s site: http://deirdre.net/elloras-cave-it-infrastructure-statement/ http://deirdre.net/elloras-cave-double-entry-divas-%e2%80%a2-did-anyone-save-this-video/ First of all, can I just say…whut da fuq? As Deirdre points out, running your own site involves a bit of IT knowledge above and beyond the average Interwebz user. I don’t use the same procedure or methods she uses, but I do use … Read More

More on Ellora’s Cave vs. Dear Author: Sometimes, you feel like a Nut…

Courtney Milan, as usual, does a great job of parsing out the latest idiocy legal filing in the Ellora’s Cave versus Dear Author suit. This is a letter faxed to the court by the Twitter account @pubnt (aka The Nut) claiming oh noes, we can’t testify, because we don’t know nuttin’. (See what I did … Read More

The latest on the Ellora’s Cave Debacle

A couple of things to update. In the lawsuit of Ellora’s Cave against Dear Author, EC’s motion to remand back to state court was denied (and pretty much every person on the planet not affiliated with EC had figured it would be denied). As always, Courtney Milan does a great job of tl;dr’ing the ruling … Read More

Update on the Ellora’s Cave vs Dear Author lawsuit. #notchilled

Courtney Milan has posted a FANTABULOUS and amazeballs recap of the recent filings in the EC v DA case, including plain-English summations of evidentiary filings posted in the past couple of days. And, yeah, an Ebola footnote reference even. LOL (That can’t be coincidental LOL.) http://www.courtneymilan.com/ramblings/2014/10/22/the-exciting-world-of-the-tro-notchilled/

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