A couple of things to update. In the lawsuit of Ellora’s Cave against Dear Author, EC’s motion to remand back to state court was denied (and pretty much every person on the planet not affiliated with EC had figured it would be denied). As always, Courtney Milan does a great job of tl;dr’ing the ruling and translating it into plain English from legalese:


There was this:


Reeeeaallly? Over a YEAR for a “new accounting system,” and one they claim is problematic, to be sorted out? Sorry, if that was the case, go back to fricking Excel spreadsheet basics and get your authors and editors paid in a timely manner. Something(s) isn’t adding up. At all. Not the actions of a healthy, successful business, IMHO.

Then this tidbit crossed my bow this morning:


Here’s my face at the news that someone from Noble is now involved with EC:


Seriously. I mean…seriously. The only thing my caffeine-deprived brain can think of this morning to equate it to is it’s like putting the captain of the Titanic in charge of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

The latest on the Ellora’s Cave Debacle