Ellora’s Cave: Customers can get books back by e-mailing. #notchilled

(NOTE: I’ve updated at the bottom, including a screencap one reader received. EC admits they are missing records for THREE YEARS. Follow-up post, including text of Patty Marks’ email to the ec_biz loop emphasizing they have redundant backups is HERE.) Good news! According to someone who posted on the #notchilled Twitter hashtag conversation thread (who also … Read More

Still More Ellora’s Cave vs. Dear Author WTFery.

I should have waited to post my last update. Since then, there was a filing that Courtney Milan (as per usual) did a great job of parsing into plain English. http://www.courtneymilan.com/ramblings/2015/02/24/motion-to-quash-gag-orders-notchilled/ Then, there was this article. http://www.vulture.com/2015/02/amazon-tina-engler-erotica.html Um, whut? I need a graphic…hold on.         No, still not quite right… Noo, not … Read More

More Ellora’s Cave vs. Dear Author crazy (IT edition).

These were posted over on Deirdre Saoirse Moen’s site: http://deirdre.net/elloras-cave-it-infrastructure-statement/ http://deirdre.net/elloras-cave-double-entry-divas-%e2%80%a2-did-anyone-save-this-video/ First of all, can I just say…whut da fuq? As Deirdre points out, running your own site involves a bit of IT knowledge above and beyond the average Interwebz user. I don’t use the same procedure or methods she uses, but I do use … Read More

Update on the Ellora’s Cave vs Dear Author lawsuit. #notchilled

Courtney Milan has posted a FANTABULOUS and amazeballs recap of the recent filings in the EC v DA case, including plain-English summations of evidentiary filings posted in the past couple of days. And, yeah, an Ebola footnote reference even. LOL (That can’t be coincidental LOL.) http://www.courtneymilan.com/ramblings/2014/10/22/the-exciting-world-of-the-tro-notchilled/