Scrivener 3 – OH MY GOD I Updated From Version 2 WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO COMPILE???

Scrivener 3 – OH MY GOD I Updated From Version 2 WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO COMPILE???

So, you might have seen my kvetching a couple of days ago about Scrivener’s version 3 update. (If you’re asking me what is Scrivener, it’s the writing software I use and love, even though I’m currently swearing at some of the revamped features until I get to know what the frak I’m doing in it. … Read More

Hello, December! And #PeepPimpage #FreebieAlert 12/01/2017

Hello, December! And #PeepPimpage #FreebieAlert 12/01/2017

Whew! What a week. I hate the “short” months because it’s a day lost on my deadline. Exhausted, massive fibro flare pain from stress and the weather, and just wishing I’d hit the Powerball. LOL I heard Scrivener (the software I write in) had a massive update. I got it, updated… “You can’t run this … Read More

Scrivener: Labels.

I love Scrivener. Love love luuuurrrvve. Want to have its babies kind of love. When I first had to give up SuperNotecard and move to Scrivener, mid-manuscript, no less, I was dubious. I shouldn’t have worried. Scrivener has quickly won my heart. And the split screen feature is a HUGE plus. I love being able … Read More

The great Scrivener conversion update.

I mentioned a few weeks ago I’d had to ditch my previous writing program SuperNotecard due to it totally fucking not working anymore problems with it after a Java update broke it and the programmers’ not giving a shit lack of a timely response to addressing the issue. Thus since word slinging is sort of … Read More

I went to the Dark Side. (And the cookies are nommy!)

Grimmy trying to “help.” I had a scare a few weeks back with my Toshiba Satellite laptop, where a security software update farked the boot process and for the better part of two days I was in panic mode trying to straighten it out. Fortunately, I did get it straightened out, but it was a … Read More

Scrivener convert…Kill. Me. Now. (Please?)

Oh, happy friggin’ April Fool’s Day, folks. Not. Why am I so grumpy, bucky? Well, those of you who follow me on a regular basis know two things. One, I’m on a pretty heavy writing schedule right now, averaging a book a month. Two, I love (love LOVE) a writing software called Supernotecard that I’ve … Read More

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