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It took me this long (well, not really, I had a deadline to meet on Monday LOL) to finally be able to discuss the season finale for The Walking Dead.

Ready to talk about the secret behind Terminus?

Let’s go…

My previous post about Terminus is here.

FOUND: One set of balls, aka Rick FINALLY embracing the kick-ass nature he needs to use to survive.

That was a KICK-FUCKING-ASS episode. By far THE best episode to date of this whole series. I’m talking adrenaline-pumping, MASSIVELY masterful storytelling, the whole grisly enchilada right fucking there.

Poor Hubby’s ears. During the fight scene (WHY have we NOT had non-walkers using teeth before now???) I was screaming and cheering and then I mistakenly thought Daryl got shot, and I literally HOWLED. HOWLED, I tell you. Poor Hubby was sitting there with his hands over his ears, and I freaked out the dogs and cats. Fortunately, I was wrong once I saw Daryl getting up.

And Terminus. Ta-da! Cannibals.

Told ya!

Okay, so I was (thankfully) wrong about Glenn biting (haha) the big one. In this episode, at least. But I think I freaked Hubby out when I correctly guessed Rick’s line that they’re “screwing with the wrong people.”

And yep, you know they are. Don’t know how the showrunners will pull this one out of their ass, but interviews with them so far promise an action-packed season next year, also divided into two “mini seasons” like this one was. Also, a season that will be like a whole new show. Every season from here out will be like a “reboot” in a way, meaning we’ll likely start seeing some more things from the novels come into play in future seasons.

Or not…

I saw some people on Twitter during the show talking about what poor shots the Terminus sharp-shooters were, duh, they were herding the group. (Again, I called that one right based on the preview of the animal snare Rick was showing Carl how to make.) If you go back and watch the scene again in slow-mo, you’ll see how the walls get pockmarked from previous battles (whereas the first ones aren’t), you’ll see the uh, remainder pile from previous meals, etc. And you could hear people in some of those other storage containers screaming during the fight.

We have Daryl and Abraham in that box car. You cannot tell me between those two they won’t kick some serious ass in figuring that shit out to lay waste to Terminus and their chow-happy cannibals.

I’m also thinking Rick and Michonne pulling Carl back from “random eyeglasses guy” getting eaten (aka The Talking Dead recap) by a herd of zombies is going to be symbolic of Rick et al saving themselves and maybe not saving others currently being held hostage at Terminus. Well, hostage isn’t the right word…being fattened up? Feed-lotted? Hmm.

Let’s hear your theories about how the gang will get themselves out of this one. Feel free to sound off in the comments.

The Walking Dead: Terminus – see, I told you so…
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4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Terminus – see, I told you so…

  • April 3, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    I think not only did Rick get his nad’s back, but I think Karl is going to step up and help dad get out.. I don’t think this situation is going to be a solo star moment but more of a group effort. There’s not going to be a way for one individual to shine here, there’s too much chance of things going badly! Either way I cannot WAIT for next year!!!

    • April 3, 2014 at 3:34 pm

      @Heather – Yes, I definitely think Carl will be playing a larger role from this point forward. Rick now knows he can’t protect Carl without Carl helping. It’s going to be crazy!

      • April 4, 2014 at 2:14 pm

        Something tells me Terminus is in for more than a surprise with Rick’s and Abraham’s groups though, I re-watched the fight scene and it might have missed my attention but I didn’t see ANY of the “claimed crew” get a blow to the head except the one Michonne (sorry but I can’t remember his name) shoot when she disarmed him. I KNOW the one that was attacking Karl wasn’t stabbed through the head, and he deserves to come back as a gore eating monster…

        And no you weren’t the only one scaring hubby and dogs.. all of mine ran for the hills as soon as I started watching! LOL

  • April 4, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    I called Rick’s line at the end too…only I didn’t say “screwed” 🙂

    Outstanding episode! I loved that fight scene, and I had kind of heard some spoilers from people who read the comics and had a rough idea about what was going to happen. Listen, you can’t just expect a man whose son is about to be raped right before his eyes to sit back and take it. It was awesome to see the “primal” side of Rick come out. You do what you have to do, and if that means biting through a man’s jugular, then so be it.

    I wanted to know where Carol and Tyrese were, but on TTD, Gimple made me understand why they left them out. You do need some anticipation, and you do need your audience to be left wondering…like reading books in a series where you’re left with a cliffhanger to deal with until the next comes out.

    Only 190 more days (not that I’m counting) until next season. I can’t wait!

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