I’m done. #TheWalkingDead #jumpedtheshark #TWDFinale

*sigh* If you haven’t watched the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead — spoilers. If my tone sounds resigned, well, it is. Breaking up is usually hard to do…except this time. They made it damned easy for me. Yes, they’re deviating from the comics. Fine. I stuck with them through that. I stuck through … Read More

#moarcowbell2016 #Ricktatorship #Carlmunism #GrimesGrimes2016

(Apparently people are now trying to strip my watermarks off the original Walken-Busey meme I posted. Assshoooooles! Yes, I did create that particular one, and if you look at my Facebook page where I first posted it, you can see the faint watermarks. Hence why I’m now watermarking the hell out of new ones.) So … Read More

RIP Porchdick (LOL) – The Walking Dead’s Corey Brill

Poor Corey Brill. He’s the actor who played Pete on The Walking Dead. Oh, you don’t remember him? How about if I call him Porchdick? Did the lightbulb go off? LOL (Well, if you don’t watch The Talking Dead immediately after, you might not have gotten that reference, either.) He’s the doctor/abusive husband who Rick … Read More

Happy Sunday, peeps! New releases, TV chat.

It’s that final deadline crunch week of the month. Tomorrow is the release day for Flying Monkeys (Drunk Monkeys 6) YAY! Less than twenty-four hours to go. And in case you missed it, YES, I FINALLY got Geek Chic (Bleacke Shifters 2) released. It’s available on several sites right now, still waiting for Kobo, Nook, … Read More

Welcome to the apupcalypse.

Apparently all my current work on my Drunk Monkeys series has Gidget a little nervous. She’s picked out her shotgun shells for the coming apupcalypse and is getting herself ready. Because, ya know, every apupcalypse requires a box (or five) of shotgun shells and your trusty sock monkey dog bed… But then… I awoke this … Read More

OMG!!! TWD!! Hannibal!! The Blacklist!!!

Holy exclamation points, Batman! Can I just say OMG about how Hannibal ended tonight??? Seriously?? Is anyone else watching this show, because DAYAMN, I love this show!!! I love how they weave things in from the books and juxtapose them between Will and Hannibal. OMG. And The Walking Dead last week. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. SEE-RI-OUS-LEE. I … Read More

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