Source: BBC
Source: BBC

I’ve been seeing the previews and promos for The Last Kingdom on BBC America and have been interested in seeing it since I missed Vikings. (Still need to see if that’s on NetFlix yet.)

The premier episode aired last night after Doctor Who (#smartmarketingploy) and let me tell you something.

I’m hooked.

Sure, it was uncomfortable to watch at some points, but the truth is, life in general is uncomfortable, and especially so way back then.

Set in the 9th century AD, it’s Vikings versus Saxons doing battle to control England. I mean, yes, we all know how that story eventually ended, but it’s fascinating to watch the dramas play out before you.

The series is based on the book series The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell. I’ll definitely be getting at least the first one to read, and I’ll be tuning in next week for the next episode.

TV review: The Last Kingdom (Hint – I LOVED IT!)
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