I have learned how to post animated .gifs on Twitter.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I immediately posted a seizure-inducing series of them under the #writerslife hashtag. A couple of them were too big to publish there, so I’m adding them in here. (Hopefully they render correctly on here or this post will suck. If you get this in e-mail and the pictures aren’t moving, try clicking through to the actual post and see if that helps.)

For starters, what I personally go through sometimes trying to type with fibromyalgia and arthritis. #fibromyalgia #spoonie


Then there’s “that” stage all writers go through with their WIP.


…and this…


There’s the look all writers get when they’re close to deadline…


…and then there’s this look many writers feel when the writing is going slow. (I think it helps jog the ideas loose, personally.)


Then there’s the look we get when someone says to us, “Oh, writing looks SOOO easy. I think I’ll try that. How hard can it be?”


…and this…


When someone interrupts you: “Oh, you’re just writing. Not like you’re WORKING.”


But when the writing is going well…


How I feel with sleep depravation and a deadline looming…


How I sometimes envision the people who leave a critical review that I don’t agree with…


When you get two  reviews complaining about the OPPOSITE point on the SAME book. For example, one review says, “There wasn’t enough sex in this book,” and another says, “There was too much sex in this book.” About the SAME BOOK.


When a review of your book makes you think the reviewer didn’t even READ your book. (For example, they talk about plot points and characters that aren’t even IN YOUR BOOK.)


When you get a 1-star review for your book, and the review isn’t even about your BOOK! (For example, they complain that it was shipped too slow or that the PO lost the package and it has nothing to do with your actual writing.)


When you see a fellow writer act like a complete and total douchey asshat to a reader.


How most writers act when they see that they received a “good” review…


What we’re really doing behind our keyboard when we get a review that says, “You made me laugh,” or, “You made me cry.”


How writers feel waiting to hear on a submission from a publisher. (Or how someone self-pubbing feels while waiting for Amazon to PROCESS THE DAMN FILE.)


And finally, the secret that many writers won’t admit. This is how many of us are worried we’ll appear to our readers if they actually meet us in person. LOL (We’re not a very self-confident lot.)


And there you have it…writing “secrets” revealed. LOL 🙂

#writerslife (the one-post version)
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3 thoughts on “#writerslife (the one-post version)

  • September 30, 2015 at 12:47 am

    LOVED this!! I used to have a lot of those same expressions when I was teaching and people would comment how I got “three months off”.

  • September 30, 2015 at 4:52 pm

    OMG! This was hilarious. As far as the typing when your hands are all wonky, I’ve actually talked a review into my smartphone so that I didn’t have to type it out on my computer. I’ve seen those 1 star reviews that people have made that have absolutely nothing to do with the book. I will make a comment on their review and ream them a new one. I can only hope that they checked the box that says they want to see responses to their reviews. (asshats)

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