Adult Excerpt: A Turn of the Screwed (Suncoast Society)

s-td-ss-turnofthescrewed3Here’s a story excerpt and an adult excerpt from A Turn of the Screwed (Suncoast Society 19, MMF, BDSM).


Noel has spent the past two years of her ten-year marriage to Scott trying to be his Domme after he admits he thinks he’s gay and knows he’s kinky. When she gives him permission to go be happy, to find a guy who can take care of his needs, he meets Keith. She wants what’s best for Scott, but why’d his Dom have to be so damn hunky?

Scott loves Noel and hates breaking her heart, but he’s spent his life trying to deny who he is. When he meets Keith, he realizes this is perfection. He just wishes he didn’t have to leave Noel.

Keith loves Scott and admires the man’s devotion to Noel. He feels for Noel and realizes that, no matter what, someone will lose to make someone else happy.

But then a stormy night changes everything, and Keith realizes maybe the obvious answer to their mutual happiness has been in front of them the entire time…


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Story Excerpt:

Keith wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or not, but at least it would be a temporary solution for Noel, if nothing else. Until she could secure another job.

The good news was Noel could still get another teaching job somewhere. That she’d opted not to fight the nonrenewal of her contract meant they’d give her a good recommendation.

He hoped.


At least with him living there, even if it did take her a while to get back on her feet and find another job, she wouldn’t be out on the street. He and Scott could shoulder the monthly bills and absorb the loss of her teaching income for up to a year, easily, before things came to a head. With her working at the marina, that would stretch the time out even longer.

She didn’t say much as he drove them to the marina Saturday morning. He didn’t want to try to force her to have a conversation with him, and frankly, he was used to a quiet morning drive anyway, able to sip his coffee and get his mind into work mode.

They were close when she finally spoke. “Thank you,” she quietly said. “I appreciate this. I don’t remember if I told you that already or not, but if I didn’t, thank you.”

“No problem. I’m glad I could help you out.”

“And thank you for trying to make everything easier with Scott,” she said. “I appreciate you not rubbing my face in things.”

He set his travel mug back in the cup holder. “I’m sorry you’re caught in the middle of this. You’ve been very kind to me when you didn’t have to be, and for that I’m the one who is appreciative.”

“Well, we have something in common,” she said, still in that same soft, quiet voice. “We both love him.”

* * * *

Keith parked in front of the office, took Noel inside, and introduced her to everyone before driving around back to where he normally parked. At lunch he walked down to the office to check on how she was doing and was stopped by Murray the parts department manager before he got there.

“Who’s that new cutie in the office?” he asked Keith. “Joe said you brought her in.”

“She’s a friend of mine. Why?” Keith didn’t understand the sudden tendril of jealousy swirling through him.

“She single?”

“Why?” The tendril became a choking jungle vine threatening to cut off his oxygen.

He was not a jealous man.


“Just asking. I overheard Porter talking to one of the salesmen. He loves her already, said by the end of today he’s going to probably beg her to stay on full-time if she keeps this up. Maybe even with a raise. Said she’s ten times better than Maria is, and this is only her first day. Heh. Don’t let Maria know that, though.”

Of course Noel would be better than Maria. Besides that, half the salesmen acted like adolescent children, anyway, including Porter, the owner. Noel was a teacher. It was a perfect match.

Not to mention Maria had been barely competent to do anything other than answer phones and adjust her boobs if she thought someone was getting too snippy with her.

“So?” Murray asked.

“So, what?”

“Is she single?”

“You should ask her that question.”

“Man, that’s that sexual harassment crap, isn’t it? I don’t want to get in trouble for that.”

“Then I don’t know what to tell you.”

Other than keep your fucking hands off her.

Mentally, he pulled himself up short.

Now where the hell did that thought come from?

Keith finished his trek to the office, trying to push the stray thought out of his brain. But now that it had taken root, it was like steroidal kudzu, spreading through his brain and body at an impossible pace.

What the hell was going on? Why was he feeling like this?

He stopped short of the office door to give himself a moment to think about it.

Protective, perhaps? She was Scott’s wife, and he did feel somewhat responsible for her losing her other job and felt he should try to help take care of her. Especially since he was the one who’d gotten her this job in the first place, and Murray could be a class-A schmuck without even trying very hard at it.

Okay. Sure.


He normally wasn’t a jealous person. Territorial, absolutely. Especially about something or someone he considered his.

But that bolt of emotion hadn’t been plain and simple territorial.

It’d been the neon green of outright jealous indignation.

I’m going to have to think about that for a while.

He reached for the door and opened it, a wave of cool AC air hitting him.

* * * *

Other than Murray the parts department manager creeping Noel out a little, the job was wicked easy. She bit her tongue every time Maria showed her something and prefaced it with, “Now, this might be confusing at first, because I had a hard time with it when I first started…”

Usually it was very simple procedures involving an Excel spreadsheet.

That Maria wasn’t the brightest bulb on the branch had become glaringly evident before the second hour ended. Noel was doing her best not to show Maria up and make her look like an idiot, but by hour four, Noel had already identified several key areas where procedures could easily be simplified, streamlined, and improved.

And she planned on doing it as soon as she had the reins, so to speak.

When Keith’s head popped around the corner of her doorway, she couldn’t believe how happy she was to see him.

“Want to go get some lunch?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you.” Maria had just returned from her lunch break.

Noel grabbed her purse and hurried out of the office after him, following him back through the marina’s yard to where he’d parked.

“You sick of her yet?” he asked when they were safely inside his truck.

“Oh, holy cow. How the hell has she managed to keep her job this long?”

He smirked. “You didn’t look at her chest, did you?”

“Those damn things nearly poked my eye out more than once when she turned around. Of course I saw them.”

“Question answered.”

“I really do appreciate this, Keith.” She sat with her purse in her lap, her arms around it for something to do, to keep them still.

To keep her from inadvertently reaching across the seat and resting her hand on his thigh, the way she used to always do with Scott.

“I’m glad I could help,” he said. “I’m sorry the circumstances came to this, though. I feel really badly about that.”

“It was bound to happen anyway. Me changing jobs, I mean. Not the way it happened. Maybe it was for the best. I was close to burnout. They were going to be instituting a bunch of new changes to the FCAT tests and core curriculum over the next couple of months. It was going to be a bitch and a half, and then listening to all the other teachers bitch about it, too, on top of the changes.”

“Look, seriously. Don’t be in a hurry to move out or move on, okay? I would prefer we all live together and Scott and I pay the bills so you can go back to school, or do whatever it is you need to do. I owe you that much.”

“You don’t owe me anything.”

“I mean it, Noel. Please? I know I’m not your favorite person in the world, and believe me, I get it. I don’t blame you in the slightest. But I want to make this as right as I can.”

She sensed he was being sincere.

Somehow, that almost made it worse. “You’re not responsible for me or my well-being. What happened, happened. It’s been two years in the making—or longer, depending on how you want to look at it. If it wasn’t you, it would have been someone else. I just appreciate that you’re not being an asshole about this. Scott’s a lucky guy to have found you. I’m honestly happy for you two.”

Adult Excerpt:

Over a month into working at the marina, Noel realized she enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than she had teaching. Yes, it was less pay, but it was far less stressful, even during the most “stressful” times.

Not to mention she could leave work at work, and once she got home her time was all hers instead of needing planning time, or grading papers. She actually had time for more hobbies, like reading for fun. She even went to a couple of dinners with some of her friends from the Suncoast Society group, trying to keep herself from disappearing into a black hole of isolation and self-pity. Not to mention she no longer had to shell out of pocket for school supplies to keep on hand.


She was also trying to decide on an online college to take courses from. If the men were going to insist on giving her time to get herself back on her feet, well, by god, she’d damn well take it.

It was the least they could do for her under the circumstances.

Most days she actually drove herself to work, preferring not to be stuck in such close contact with Keith all the time.

It was bad enough he was living in their house—although under other circumstances she would have considered him the perfect roommate—she didn’t need to subject herself to him all the time. He was a handsome man, and that he was also a nice man, ironically, made it that much harder on her.

Scott, bless his heart, probably thought he was helping by trying to be around and between them when he was home, as if trying to force a bridge to magically appear over the gap between her and Keith. If anything, it made the situation more tense.

Noel and Keith had settled into their own uneasy, distant dance, and she didn’t want to rock that boat.

But now they both had to stay home for two days, alone, as Hurricane Norris closed in on their neck of southwest Florida.

And because of his job, Scott would have to work an emergency forty-eight-hour shift during the storm. Noel and Keith had two hectic days at work of their own, helping prep the marina for the storm. Now all they could do was sit back and wait to see if there was any major damage in the aftermath.

Norris was predicted to hit south of Sarasota. So if they were lucky, they might not get much more than some breezy gusts and thunderstorms, and maybe some higher-than-normal tides.

Noel wasn’t sure if her edginess was due to the impending storm or the stormy days and nights that lay ahead of her without Scott there to buffer her and Keith.

Sure, she knew she could stay in her room and just watch TV and chill out, but dammit, it was her house.

And Scott was still her husband.

And why the fuck did Keith have to be so goddamned good-looking? He was fucking hot. If he was straight, and not fucking her husband, she’d fuck him silly.

She didn’t see hide nor hair of the hunk when she emerged from her bedroom and headed to the kitchen. What she wanted was her own private hurricane party.

Scratch that, she wanted a pity party. As the morning wore on into afternoon and the storm grew closer to land, she knew they were safe. Its projected path, nearly locked in at this point by the NHC, meant they’d be on the good side of the storm when it nearly duplicated Hurricane Charley’s path from ’04. Only it was a much larger storm than Charley, and moving more slowly. They’d get a lot more weather than Sarasota had during Charley, rain bands, wind, and while not as likely on that side of the storm, there was always the potential for a tornado spun off one of the bands.

But they weren’t in a flood zone, their roof was rated up to a Cat 3 storm, their shutters were tightly bolted, the genny would kick in if they lost power…

That meant she could drown her sorrows in a beer if she wanted.

She grabbed a bottle from the fridge and popped the cap off with the church key hanging on the fridge. Then her eyes fell on the cabinet next to the fridge.

Opening it, she found the bottle of tequila right where she’d last seen it.

Fuck it.

She pulled a frosted mug from the freezer, emptied the bottle of beer into it, and topped the mug to the brim with tequila. After stirring it with her finger, she drank a few long swallows and topped it off again with tequila.

That should do it.

She marched into her living room, grabbed her TV remote, plopped her ass down on the middle of her couch, and started channel surfing on her TV.

* * * *

Keith heard Noel moving around out in the kitchen, followed shortly after by the sound of the TV coming on.

He was determined to make this work for all of their sakes. He really liked Noel and didn’t blame her for her current mindset. He couldn’t blame her for it.

It also made him feel like shit that she was hurting because of him. If he couldn’t find a way to make this work for the three of them, he’d have to make the sacrifice and say good-bye to Scott.

Not what he wanted to do, of course, because he knew he was balls-deep in love with the guy.

But causing Noel pain wasn’t something he could live with. Scott had pie-in-the-sky hopes that the three of them could find some uneasy truce that would work in the long-term and he wouldn’t have to divorce Noel, but that likely wouldn’t be healthy for Noel. Yes, he could share Scott with Noel. Absolutely.

But if she couldn’t share Scott with him, that was another matter entirely.

He’d finished prepping the house’s exterior and yard for the storm that morning. After taking his shower, he decided to head out to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. He’d heard her channel surfing in the living room, changing it every few seconds it sounded like, and he knew she had to be feeling every bit as on edge as he was.

Maybe I need to try to get to know her better. Let her get to know me. Try to have a relationship of some sort with her.

Now was as good as time as any. Scott would be stuck at the EOC for the next forty-eight hours. If there was any more perfect time for Keith to try to work things out with Noel, now would be that time, without Scott trying to throw himself between them as a well-meaning, but ineffectual buffer.

When he emerged in the living room, he paused in the doorway. She had a mug of beer in her hand, nearly drained.

Oh. Great.

Walking on eggshells it would be.

“I was going to make myself a sandwich,” he said. “Would you like me to make you one, too?”

She didn’t look at him. “Sure. Thanks.”

Well, it was a start.

He headed into the kitchen, pulling up short when he saw the open cabinet, the empty beer bottle, and the bottle of tequila on the counter.


Okay, not just walking on eggshells then, but walking on eggshells covering a minefield full of IEDs.

He wracked his brain to remember what she liked, how Scott had made her sandwiches in the past, and made hers first before making his. He was turning to carry it out to her when he pulled up short at the sight of her standing in the kitchen doorway, the now-empty mug in her hand.

He offered her the plate. “If it’s not right, I’ll make you another one.”

Okay, those were words he never thought he’d say to someone, but sometimes being a Dominant meant knowing when not to push someone.

She stared at the plate in his hand. “I’m sure it’s fine. Thanks.” She walked over to the fridge and opened it, pulling out another bottle of beer.

Don’t say it. Don’t say it. “You might want to go easy on those,” he said, wincing as he said it.

She stared up at him, defiant. “Why?” She stepped in close, her mouth inches from his. “You going to stop me?”

He’d set the plate on the counter, his other hand clenching as he struggled to retain control of himself. What he wanted to do was snatch the mug out of her hand, bend her over his fucking lap, and spank the crap out of her ass.

Again, not productive.

Despite his brain searching for the safest answer, the most instinctive one popped out of his mouth first. “If it was up to me, there’d be a lot of things different around here.”

Her gaze narrowed. “Like what?”

He went toe-to-toe with her, staring down at her. “Like for starters, I’d take away you having to pretend you’re a Dominant when you spend time with Scott when I damn well know that’s the last fucking thing you want to be.”

He knew he didn’t imagine the beer-and-tequila-scented gasp of surprise from her. Her eyes widened, and before she could respond, he pressed forward.

“I know it hasn’t been very fair to you, what’s happened. Being forced to be someone you’re not and watch the man you love go be happy. I know it takes an incredible woman, an incredible amount of love to let go the way you have. I have the highest respect and admiration for you because of it. I don’t know if I could have been as magnanimous as you’ve been. I just wish there was something I could do to make this easy on you and make it not be painful for you.”

For a second, her eyes looked a little too bright. Then she seemed to catch herself. That, or the alcohol did. “I guarantee you I can give you a better fucking blowjob than he can.”

He blinked. Oookay, that was out of fucking left field.

“What?” he finally asked.

She stepped in, making him step back, the edge of the counter now pressing into his back. “I can suck the chrome off a goddamned trailer hitch,” she said, leaning in, her finger poking him in the chest and accentuating every syllable. “I don’t think it’s very fair that my husband gets to have you and I don’t even get a chance. Any time you want to fucking take me up on that, I can guarantee you I’ll put my husband’s oral talents to goddamned shame.”

That last poke was the hardest. And on that note, she turned on her heel and headed back to the living room.

Keith stood there, rubbing the sore spot on his chest where she’d been poking him, shocked, speechless.

Mostly because his cock had stirred at the conviction in her tone. No, he wasn’t a stranger to women. He’d fucked several women in his life, before he finally admitted he was more into guys than girls.

Noel was not an unattractive woman.

The conviction in her tone, despite the alcohol’s influence, had worked through him.

His phone buzzing in his pocket startled him. A text from Scott.

Everything okay?

Keith stared at the phone, at first going to ignore it, then typing a reply.

No. Your wife is drunk and wants to give me a blowjob.

Scott’s reply rattled his world even more.

Good! Let her! She gives fucking amazing blowjobs. No offense, even better than you. Definitely better than I do.

Keith heard the dry click in his throat as he swallowed, reading and re-reading the text, not quite sure he was believing what he was reading.

You’re kidding, right? Keith finally texted back.

Not kidding at all, Scott replied. Maybe if she does that, it might make things easier. Unless you don’t want to. If not, I understand. But I’m cool with whatever happens between the two of you. Wouldn’t be very fair of me not to.

Keith had to re-read that reply a few times, too.

Shit, he thought.

Then he stared through the doorway. He could see her sitting on the couch, occasionally rubbing her eyes against her shoulders.

She was crying, or trying not to cry.

Dammit. He’d basically rejected her, when he knew she already had to be hitting her upper level of rejection as it was.

He carefully considered his reply to Scott.

You’re saying you’re okay with me and your wife having sex?

After a moment, Scott’s reply. Blowjobs, sex, cuddling, whatever. It’s only fair. I know she’s attracted to you. Whatever you and her are okay with, you have my full blessings.

Keith read that reply several times, too.

Well, okay, then, he thought.

He set the phone on the counter and walked out to the living room to stand directly in front of her, blocking her view of the TV.

She stared up at him, the defiance in her glare a fragile, damaged mask for the pain behind it.

“Did you mean what you said in there?” he asked.


He reached down and took the TV remote and beer mug from her and set them on the table. Then he stepped closer, forcing her to have to spread her legs as he stood there in front of her.

“Did you mean it when you said you’d give me a blow job?”

“Why? Want a comparison?”

Without thinking about it, his hand shot out and grabbed her ponytail. He knew this was a dangerous game, one that could blow up in all of their faces, but it was time to shake things up. Either they’d all fall into their proper, happy places—finally—or he’d end up having to move out.

Either way, it wasn’t healthy to continue doing what they were doing.

He pulled her face close to the front of his shorts, but kept her head tipped back so she had to look up at him.

“Here’s the rules,” he said. “I do the driving. I’m a Dominant, not a switch. You will not be pegging me, unless I’m ordering you to do it. You won’t be in charge, of me or of Scott. That’s my job. I absolve you of that responsibility. If you are really serious about wanting to do this, then you need to understand a few things. My rules, my way. I might ask you what you want or like, but I’m the final authority. I’ll never make you leave, never make you divorce Scott, but I’m in charge. Is that something you can deal with?”

He never expected the words that fell from her lips. “Yes, Sir,” she said, almost sounding relieved, her whole body language changing.

Actually trying to nuzzle the hand fisting her hair.

Two years. For two damn years, since his revelation to her, Scott had kept her in a role she hadn’t wanted, hadn’t enjoyed, hadn’t been comfortable with.

But what did that say about the love she had for Scott, that she desperately tried to be that for him, to fulfill that role for him?

“Scott told me he’s okay with anything we want to do together,” Keith told her. “What do you want to do?”

She stared up at him with those sweet brown eyes of hers. “Whatever you want me to do,” she softly said.

“You’re drunk.”

“I’m not too drunk to know what I want.”

He grabbed her hand and placed it on the front of his shorts, over his cock, which was more than a little hard now. “If I own you, I own all of you, the way I own all of him.”

She nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

* * * *

Noel knew the alcohol had loosened her up a little. She never would have said the things she’d said to Keith in the kitchen if she’d been completely sober.

But no, she wasn’t drunk. Not by a long shot. Probably not safe to drive, but she was only buzzed, and well in control of her faculties.

The cock hardening under her hand was a little larger than Scott’s. She couldn’t help the way her pussy throbbed when she thought about maybe getting that cock inside her at some point.

Then again, a blowjob wasn’t fucking. Maybe he wouldn’t or couldn’t do that.

But if this is what she needed to get out of her head, even for the night, she’d do it and damn the consequences later. She was tired of living in fear, of living without knowing what the future would hold. She wanted to take her life back into her own hands.

The irony didn’t escape her.

His hand over hers felt warm, strong, slightly callused in a way Scott’s didn’t.

“Okay, then,” he said, staring down at her. “First, you’re going to suck my cock. You said you’re good. Scott says you’re good. I want to see how good you are. Then we’ll go from there. And from there I mean I’m going to take you to the bedroom and show you the rest of me. I’m going to paddle your ass for getting mouthy with me.”

A tendril of fear ran through her, but she realized it was only making her wetter. “Yes, Sir.”

“Has Scott ever fucked your ass before?”

She shook her head. “No, Sir.”

His hand over hers squeezed, his cock thickening even more. “Good. Then the first load you take from me is going down your throat. That means I’ll be able to keep it up longer when I fuck that pretty little virgin ass of yours.”

Now he was rhythmically squeezing her hand, his cock hardening and swelling even more under her palm, under the fabric of his shorts.

“I feel badly you’ve been left out, so here’s the new world order around here—you don’t have to be in charge anymore. I’ll take care of you, and of Scott, in that way. I’ll make sure we’re meeting your needs and keeping you happy. But you have to be prepared to take me as I am. If you don’t want to belong to me, you have to say so.”

He leaned in, his mocha gaze dark, overwhelming. “Part of that ownership means if I tell you to have that sweet ass lubed and loosened so I can fuck it when I walk in the door from work, that means I better find you ready to go when I get home, understand?”

Her mouth went dry. “Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

“It might mean,” he continued, “that you end up on your hands and knees in bed between us, with my cock down your throat and his cock in your pussy. You good with that?”

Not only was she good with it, Eliza’s words about ménages came back to her. “Yes, Sir.”

The fist in her hair tightened, almost painfully, tipping her head back farther. “If I own you, that means you become my fuck toy. There might be times I tie Scott up and make him watch me with you. Or there might be times I tie you up and make you watch me fuck him. It means you sleep in my bed with me every night, and it means you are available for me to use whenever I want, however I want. You good with that?”

Her clit throbbed, swelling. She knew she was wet. “Yes, Sir.”


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Adult Excerpt: A Turn of the Screwed (Suncoast Society)
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    I have just stayed up beyond a ‘reasonable’ time to be able to finish reading “A Turn Of The Screwed”. So that tells you I LOVED it. Trying not to include spoilers so here goes. Firstly, I really liked how the characters began from a point of personal integrity – no hiding behind lies and secrets. That is important to me in my relationship/friendships. That is also conducting oneself as an adult and with maturity. Then it was about being true to oneself, also important to me. Once again, thank you for another thought provoking story line and enjoyable couple of hours relaxing with this story! Loving your work Tymber, and so happy that the next couple will be available soon!

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