IMG_4651Oh, the first day of spring!



Remember how I was bitching how cold I was a few weeks back? Guess what DIED this morning. (That’ll teach me to not be more grateful when the weather warmed up.) The main A/C unit that cools the bulk of the house. *head/desk* The lowest fan speed stopped working, and the compressor isn’t coming on, it’s just blowing air at speeds 2 and 3. (Yes, that’s blue painter’s tape that holds the front on, because the front will fall off if the tape isn’t there. LOL) Unfortunately, opening the windows isn’t an option with 7 cats who can push screens out. This is definitely NOT in the budget. 🙁 Unfortunately, getting a repair tech out here will be more expensive than replacing the unit, which is over 10 years old. So, I’m sorry for the begging (again), but I’m going to pimp this link again. And massive <3 and thanks in advance.

Welcome to spring…not.
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