s-td-ss-sapiosexual3The following story and adult excerpts are from my book Sapiosexual (Suncoast Society 14) which is currently available for pre-order from Siren-BookStrand and releases on 1/30/15. The heroine, Chelbie, is the best friend of Mallory from His Canvas. Enjoy! 🙂


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Chelbie Larson’s turned on by intelligence, but the creative, snarky, feisty woman knows she’s too much for any one guy to handle. The picky sapiosexual refuses to settle for less than what she wants, which is why she’s still single. Her parents have a solid marriage, and she knows that’s the quality of love she yearns for.

Enter Nick and Rich Hurst, fledgling kinkster twins. One is a computer expert, the other a talented musician. And they’re no stranger to showing a woman a good time. Chelbie’s not bashful about showing them what she wants. Just when Chelbie had given up on finding a guy, they show her maybe dreams can come true.

But when Chelbie’s attacked out of the blue, the truth about the triad’s relationship doesn’t make her parents happy. Now she faces a difficult choice between appeasing her parents…or deciding to follow her heart.

One thing’s for sure—her life will never be the same.

Story Excerpt:

They’d just gotten her settled in a room when she heard her mom’s frantic voice from somewhere down the hallway.

“Prepare for the mompocalypse,” Chelbie snarked, not sure if that was really funny or only funny in her head because of the painkillers.

“What?” the men said.

She didn’t have time to explain, because then her parents were rushing through the door.

“Chelbie!” her mom practically screamed, racing over to the bed and nearly knocking Nick out of the way.

“Hey, easy with the manchandise there,” Chelbie said, snickering. She looked up. “See what I did there?” she asked Rich.

He smiled. “Yes, I saw.”

“Are you all right?” her dad asked.

“I’m fine. See?” She held up her left arm, the one with the bandage and IV. “Sorry.” She dropped that arm and picked up her other one. “See? Fine.”

Nick moved around to the other side of the bed. “They gave her a dose of painkillers,” he said.

“Good shit, too,” Chelbie said. “Really good shit.”

“Who are you?” her dad asked.

“Gee, and I’m the one on the meds.”

“He means us, Chel,” Nick said.

She pushed herself up on the bed. “Oh, them. Mom, Dad, this is Nick and Rich Hurst. They’re twins. And they’re mine.”

“Your what?” her mom asked.

Rich patted her shoulder. “Chelbie, you’re kind of out of it—”

“Mine!” Chelbie said, knowing this wasn’t the best idea, but unable to stop herself. Plus, she figured the painkillers were giving her an IV dose of courage. “You know, like we’re together.” She smiled up at her guys, who now looked decidedly uncomfortable.

Nick raised his hand. “Hi,” he said. “Nice to meet you.”

“That’s Nick,” Chelbie said. “They’re twins, but here’s a secret.” She leaned in. “They’re not identical.”

“She’s really doped up,” Rich said.

Her dad started to say something when the detective who’d responded and questioned her at the house walked in. “Miss Larson, I need to ask you a few more questions.”

“Did you talk to that fucking rat bastard with the restraining order?” she asked. “He fucking broke my goddamned car window to use the clicker for the garage door. I want his head on a fucking platter!”

“Restraining order?” her dad asked.

“Whoops. Heh. Yeah, creepy guy last year. Don’t worry, I toootally handled it on my own.”

Her mom’s mouth opened and closed a few times. “Chelbie, what’s—”

“So, did you talk to the rat bastard?” Chelbie asked the detective.

He looked uncomfortable. Then again, it could have been the drugs skewing her perceptions. “Yes, ma’am. He has an alibi. He was at home, with three other people.”

“Shit. Oh, these are my ’rents,” she said, pointing to her parents.

Nick, who’d walked around to stand next to Rich, patted her shoulder. “We can go.”

“That would be best,” her dad said.

Hell, no.” Chelbie groped for and finally grabbed Rich’s arm on the second try. “They’re here because I called them. They stay. And how do you know that rat bastard wasn’t lying?” she asked the detective. “I’ve seen him twice at the coffeeshop. Muerto Pillow.”

“Puerto Mellow,” her guys corrected.

“Yeah, that.” She giggled. “The Dead Pillow. That would be kind of funny, huh?”

The detective looked at his notepad. “You told the responding officers your attacker was about your height, slender build, and had a higher pitched voice than the average man.”

She tried to process that. “Yeah? Oh. I guess the rat bastard doesn’t fit the description.”

She thought the detective might be smiling because he was amused at how she was acting. She wasn’t sure. They were pretty good drugs. “No, ma’am.”

“What happened tonight?” her dad asked, practically yelling.

Chelbie laid back and waved at the detective. “Can you please tell them?”

He pulled them aside and started talking to them while Chelbie looked up. “I love you guys.”

Rich brushed the hair from her forehead. “We love you, too, Chelbie.”

“You can’t leave.” She pointed at Nick. “Promise me. If you leave, I’ll scream, then they’ll drug me and put a psych hold on me and it’ll be all your fault.”

“I’m thinking you might need a psych hold now,” Rich joked.

At least, she hoped he was joking.

Her parents returned to her bedside.

“Well,” her dad said. “Thank you for coming to help her, but you two can go—”

“Uh, no they can’t,” Chelbie said. “They’re staying.”

Her mom tried. “Honey, you’ve been through a lot—”

“And they’re staying.” She looked at her guys. “Am I not speaking coherent English? Is it the drugs? Because I swear it sounds like English in my head.”

“You’re speaking English, babe,” Nick assured her.

“Good.” She looked at her parents. “They’re my boyfriends. Both of them.” She held up two fingers. “Did I mention they’re twins?”

Her mom looked like she was trying to find the words to respond.

Her dad looked like he’d swallowed a sour goldfish, and not the cracker kind, either.

The live, slimy, wiggling-on-the-way-down kind.

“Well? Say something.” Then Chelbie spotted the detective standing by the door. “Oh, hey, you’re still here.” She pointed at Rich. “The place he works? Best. Garlic. Knots. Ever. Evvveerrr.”

“You guys really should go,” her dad said.

Chelbie sat up in bed. “Okay, they said I was speaking English. If anyone’s going to go, it’s you two.”

“We’re your parents.”

“And they’re my significant others.” The room spun a little, so Chelbie laid back against the bed. “And I say they stay.”

Her mom finally exploded. “This is not the time or place to discuss this, young lady.”

“It tooootally is, Mom. Because I’m drugged to the gills and no longer scared of admitting what’s going on. I nearly got my skull beaten in, but don’t worry. I got some flesh on the asshole. Literally. They’re going to do the whole CSI thing on it and run tests and shit.”

“You can’t have two boyfriends,” her dad said. There was a vein standing out on his forehead Chelbie worried a little about. She started to reach out to poke at it when she refocused.

“No, I obviously can,” she said. “Because I do. And they’re damn good boyfriends. They even yelled at me when I called them first instead of 911.”

“What?” her dad asked.

Nick had covered his face with his hand and was slowly shaking his head.

Adult Excerpt:

The men’s willing acceptance to wait on sex if Chelbie wanted to meant, ironically, that Chelbie didn’t want to.

But she didn’t tell them that.

Not at first.

She waited to reveal that little fact to them after they’d gotten their test results back. It was a Tuesday night, not yet the two-week mark since they’d got Rich to the club.

And she didn’t want to wait anymore.

She went over to their apartment to cook dinner for them in cuffs and collar, since Rich had the night off. Only when they were getting ready for playing after did she break the news to them.

“I have an idea, guys,” she said.

“What?” Nick asked.

“How about I’m dessert?”

Rich looked understandably confused. “Huh?”

She knelt in front of him, where he stood in the kitchen after helping her clean up the dinner dishes. She unfastened his shorts and fished his cock out of his briefs. It immediately came to life, and before he could react, she looked up into his eyes and swallowed him to the root.

He let out a groan.

Nick walked around the counter. “You saying what I think you’re saying?”

She waggled her eyebrows at him in reply and didn’t release Rich’s cock while she crooked a finger at Nick to call him over.

With his help, she got his cock free, too. She kept one hand on Rich’s cock while she moved over to Nick’s and deep-throated him.

Then, with her hands around both their cocks, she sat back and said, “I don’t think we need to wait six months to have sex-sex.” She smiled. “I don’t think I can wait that long. You guys have proven to me that you’re trustworthy. With everything we’ve done, you would have been pressuring me before now if you were jerks.”

The men exchanged a glance before identical smiles filled their faces. They each grabbed a hand, carefully peeling her fingers from their cocks, and pulled her to her feet. They started leading her to Nick’s bedroom without further discussion.

She giggled as they tossed her onto the bed. She’d half expected them to pounce, but here they pleasantly surprised her, too. Nick got between her legs first, burying his face in her pussy, his talented tongue spearing her, flicking her clit, making her moan.

Which was okay, because Rich stretched out next to her, put her hand back on his cock, and then proceeded to fuck her mouth with his tongue, kissing her deeply.

Then he moved down to her breasts, going back and forth from one to the other, licking, sucking, biting.

They knew what she wanted, and were obviously willing to give it to her. Why would she want to be an idiot and not take them up on it?

She didn’t want to be an idiot.

It didn’t take Nick long to get the first orgasm out of her, especially when he inserted first two, then three fingers in her pussy and slowly finger-fucked her.

The men immediately swapped places, Rich now eagerly eating her out, sucking on her clit and rolling her eyes back in her head.

And those talented musician’s fingers…


“So what do you want tonight?” Nick asked. “You want us both in you at the same time like with the stunt cocks? Or do you want a little more traditional?”

She actually wanted them one at a time this first time, but wasn’t quite in possession of the brain cells to verbalize it while Rich was blowing her mind with yet another orally induced orgasm.

She held up one finger.

Nick smiled. “One at a time it is. Rich, why don’t you do the honors since you’re down there already?” He slid a hand down her body as Rich sat up, finding her clit. “I’ll keep you distracted.”

Rich’s hair fell forward and brushed against his cheeks as he carefully positioned the head of his cock at her entrance. “I honestly don’t know how long I’ll hold back,” he hoarsely said. “So apologies if this one is fast. I know I can get it up a second time, don’t worry, and I’ll make it up to you then.”

Chelbie stared up into his blue eyes as he slowly slid his cock deep inside her pussy, reaching a hand up to stroke his cheek as he began fucking her.

“Yesss!” she hissed, the feeling way better than the stunt cocks. They were okay, but they were no substitute for a warm, living, loving cock.

Especially these two warm, living, loving cocks.


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