And just like that, my husband unwittingly gave me the title for this blog post. Now, I’ve blogged about my husband’s holiday decorations before. This year we’ve added more wire animals, another couple of blow-ups (including my favorite, the huge chubby penguin), and have swapped out more of the lights for LEDs. One thing that was really neat to find out is that the white LEDs are now coming in a “warm” flavor, meaning they really DO look just like “real” white lights instead of having that bluish tint the “cool” flavor of white lights do. We added a few of those too.

(The picture is from my BlackBerry, because I was too lazy to find the regular digital camera and find batteries for it and…etc. If you click on it, it should give you a larger version.)

We’ve also added a music sync box which plays, at a neighbor-flinching volume, a wonderful collection of Christmas music, and it flashes the lights in time with the music. (Keep reading.)
When I noted to hubby that the very front row of light-up walker markers down by the street should stay lit all the time and not on the blinker, he said… “I can do that, but I’d need to get another extension cord to do it.”
And the humor behind that statement is that already, we have cornered the market in extension cords.
But he’s worked damn hard on it, and I’m really proud of him, all ball-busting aside, because it does look great. I keep informing him it’s not a competition, but he keeps grinning that he “won” because he’s got his outdoor decorations up before anyone else on our street, excluding the guy at the end who puts out his balls every year.
Um, light-up plastic balls. (Get yer minds outta da gutter.)
And now, for your viewing pleasure, a relatively crappy cell phone video that doesn’t do the set-up justice. If you turn your volume up, you can barely hear the box. (I turned the volume on the box DOWN to a less ear-splitting volume so we don’t have the home owner’s association crawling up our asses.) Sorry for the quality of the video, I’ll try to get a better one shot…if I find our video camera and figure out how to get the video to my laptop.
"…but I’d need to get another extension cord to do it."
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4 thoughts on “"…but I’d need to get another extension cord to do it."

  • November 28, 2009 at 1:40 am

    Okay, so I’m your best friend and you knew my mind was in the gutter when you said that… so sue me! LYSNDY (W too, hehe) But then again, I know about the guy down the street already. AND since I’ve heard from the Christmas elf himself that I am a total deserter in the holiday extravaganza set up, LOL… I will say… Wait for it… I don’t think the space station can see it just yet, you will need another extension cord for that, LOL! (Sorry Les, had to be said hon, you know I had to say it, LOL)

  • November 28, 2009 at 1:42 am

    Yeah, you deserter, you were supposed to help Mr. Christmas Elf with his decorations. ROTF!

    No, the space station can’t quite see it yet, but he’s trying. LOL!


  • November 28, 2009 at 2:08 am

    I’m so resisting the urge to say… Hey, Santa said you need to fill this space over here… you don’t need to park the cars in the driveway!!! If the house across the street didn’t sell yet, you could park there! 🙂 I know… I’m so helpful, heheheh…

  • December 1, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    *smacking head on table* OMG, please do NOT give him any ideas! *LOL*

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