This is what this week has felt like.

Whelp, we survived another one, peeps. That means…freebie alert.

But first… LOL (You should know the drill by now.)

Here’s a batch of (LEGAL) freebies for you to enjoy. Remember to check the prices BEFORE you one-click, and I make no assurances to the quality of the free books, just that they’re legally free as of the time of posting.

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s-td-ss-friendslikethese3But first… Friends Like These (Suncoast Society 24) releases Monday, 5/25, from Siren-BookStrand and is available for pre-order now:

Note: It takes 4-6 weeks for books to be released to third-party sites. I have no control over that. If you have a Kindle, you can order directly from Siren-BookStrand and have the file sent right to your device/app. If you have another kind of device, or read on a tablet, you can buy other format files from Siren-BookStrand and either download them or transfer them to your device. Nook | Kobo | iPad | BookStrand App via iTunes or Google Play for Android (Includes FREE books!)


What do sex-doll pool floats, binder clips, and baby bottles have in common?

There might be a kinky Suncoast Society baby shower in the works for Leigh, complete with crazy games and fun for all, because this group knows how to enjoy themselves. What Tilly needs most right now is a distraction and the love of her friends to take her mind off her own personal issues. So does Leigh, but for different reasons.

But Tilly, Leigh, and the others won’t be able to anticipate the life-changing twists and turns this evening has in store. By the time the night is over, life will never be the same for some of them.

Whether those changes are positive or not have yet to be seen…

Note: This story picks up exactly where Out of the Spotlight leaves off.

Also, for a very limited time, Triple Dog Dare (Triple Trouble 4) is available from Siren-BookStrand as a Time Machine .99 special:

Click here for the Suncoast Society reading order.

Did you see the post I did on how to find LEGALLY FREE E-BOOKS on a variety of platforms? If not, please check it out, and feel free to share the post everywhere. There’s no excuse for utilizing pirate sites when there are SOOOOO many LEGALLY free e-books out there.

And did you know Hubby has some books out, both as Jon Dalton and as Haley Jordan? He’s also working on edits for the second Wolf Mallory novel.

DancingOnATightrope_200x300I have a Facebook Page, and also my Tymber’s Trybe Facebook group. (We have some wild parties in the Trybe sometimes. Watch out for Sparkles the unicorn. You might wake up in the back of a free candy van and covered with glitter…) I also post sneak peeks, cover reveals, and periodically run giveaways for books there. So…come join the party!

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And now…freebies! (Remember, verify the price before you one-click!)

And some not-free…

Thanks, and enjoy! Happy Friday!

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Freebie Alert: 5/22/2015 (The DM is on the Rampage Version…)
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