Mead is FOREVER!

Um, context, I suppose, would be helpful. LOL

That’s one of our battle cries during the afternoon parade at the ren fair when our band of Vikings passes any of the pubs on the premises. LOL

Had a BLAST my first day with the Vikings at ren fair. I only went Saturday, because I knew I couldn’t handle both days. It was hotter than balls, but it was a great day.

We line up for opening gate and participate in the act that is done then, and we’re part of the afternoon parade.

And no, I didn’t chop off anything with my axe. (Smart-asses.)

My Fitbit did question me as to my sudden burst of activity. I think it wondered if I’d been abducted by aliens or on the run from a killer clown or something. It’s pretty bad when I meet my daily step count upon my first arrival at ren fair, before I’ve even DONE anything, when most days I might not make it until late afternoon. LOL

Which is one of the reasons why I’m doing this. I’ve got a  pretty sedentary lifestyle. I need to get out and get moving more than I already do, and this is another way of doing it and having fun in the process with a bunch of fun people.

This is my “this is too fucking early for this and I have not had nearly enough coffee yet oh my god what did I get myself into” face. Because that’s the drawback–I am now temporarily a morning person. Which, for those who know me well, know what a fucking sacrifice that truly is for me. I had to be up and out the door by 7am to get over to the fairgrounds, get loaded in, and then go park.

The good thing is, being Vikings, I can be growly and surly early in the morning and it’s TOTALLY in character! LOL

We have fun putting on demonstrations during the day for things like fiber arts, fighting, and Viking games. (Right now, until I learn the fight choreography, I’m doing more things like going out into the lanes and being one of the people trying to get people to stop by and visit.

Come on, one of the games we teach involves blindfolds and smacking each other with sacks full of wool. That’s free marriage counselling right there!

This is another Viking game, sort of a mix between chess and checkers and no, I cannot remember the name of it yet. All I know is my friends’ son was kicking my ass at it.



That’s from morning gate on opening day. Nearly every picture of me (I’m third from the left if you couldn’t tell, fourth if you count the little Viking boy) has me squinting because Vikings didn’t wear glasses, but middle-aged writers do. LOL

Shield wall!

Um, there might have been a little photo manipulation going on with that one. LOL


Just a smidge. LOL

Wasn’t in too much pain the next day, either, surprisingly. Just a little achy in my arms from lugging the shield and spear around for opening gate and the parade, but I think because it’s warm I did way better than I might otherwise have.

Moral of this story is, life is short. Do fun stuff while you can.

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Mead is FOREVER!
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