icantadulttodayA quick informal poll of my Facebook peeps has them agreeing that it’s not just me. There’s just a weird energy today I can’t put my finger on. Not bad, just…weird. I’m hoping my latest flare (which has been torturing me for a couple of months now) is finally starting to ease. If only the weather stays farking WARM for several weeks, I might be past it.

What say you, peeps? Weird energy? The time change? Something else? Feel free to sound off.

Maybe it is from the time change (which I farking HATE, by the way). But it sure feels different than that.

Then the asshats at Verizon Fios removed the Weather Channel from our lineup, which messes up my writing routine because I usually have the weather radar playing (muted) on the TV in my office, with music from my iPod playing. This is FLORIDA. Where severe weather can crop up in an instant, and now we no longer have a local weather radar on our channels. #BringBackTWC

s-td-ss-spankortreat3And lots of news in the coming soon, now available, and at third-parties department:

s-td-ss-turnofthescrewed3I’m also working on final edits and formatting for A Bleacke Wind (Bleacke Shifters 3). Lots of stuff going on. And in case you missed  Trish’s post on BDSM authors, you might want to check it out of you’re looking for new authors to read.


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Something weird in the air?

One thought on “Something weird in the air?

  • March 12, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    I’m agreeing with you. Even the kids at the daycare were acting strangely and it wasn’t a full moon. Also, standing outside the air felt very heavy.

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