Suncoast Society – 16

Some things can never be fixed, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, they can only be made right.

(Contemporary BDSM romance, MF, HEA)
(Trigger Warnings: Discussion of past sexual trauma.)

Writing As: Tymber Dalton

Release Date: 2/20/2015

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Loren is interested in Ross from the first night she meets him. But despite what her roommate’s brother says, Loren doesn’t think Ross has the slightest interest in her.
Ross is more than interested in Loren. Unfortunately, he’s not sure she can handle the real him, his darker side.

Until the night her world is ripped apart at the seams, and Ross can’t fix it despite desperately wishing he could. The only thing he can do is help Loren through it the best he can, and spend the rest of their lives together showing her how he feels.

Now it’s thirty years later, and the past comes calling. Loren doesn’t know all the facts, but she knows Ross is the center of her world. She’ll do anything and everything in her power to shield him. Because even though some things can’t be fixed, Ross made them right. And Loren will face the past alone, if necessary, to save their future.

Related Books: Ross and Loren Connelly first appear in Cardinal’s Rule, and also make a major appearance in A Clean Sweep, as well as many other Suncoast Society books. This is their backstory.

Trivia: “Things made right” is a theme that runs throughout several books, that sometimes you can’t “fix” a situation, you can only “make it right.”