(Note: Yes, sex with animals, kids, and non-consenting adults is heinous behavior. No one is stating it’s not. But you need to have a sense of humor when reading this. If not, you might want to skip this post now and save us both trouble.)

I don’t know how true this graphic is, if any of these laws have finally been stricken from the books, or are here out of context, or what.

But it’s frakking funny. LOL

And it spurred a pretty lively discussion on the BDSM Bibliophreaks Facebook group about #8.

It begs the question–several, really–who in hell actually had sex with a porcupine? WHY? Why in the name of the Universe would you WANT to have sex with a porcupine?

And, even more strangely, as a Florida native, I have NEVER seen a porcupine outside of a zoo or other exhibit here in the state. I do not believe we even HAVE porcupines in the state. How frakking drunk do you have to be to actually pork a porcupine? And frankly, did it only take one idiot doing it to require the law, or did it require several? And where did they get the porcupine in the first place?

I can’t imagine any woman in her right mind would do #8. And let’s talk about #10. If the supposed porcupines in question flee Florida for the opposite corner of the continental US, Washington State, per #10 if they’re under forty pounds it is then okay for a man to have sex with them?

Again, WHY???

Why is it most of these odd sex laws regarding animals seem aimed at men? Women don’t usually need to be told things like, “Don’t have sex with a porcupine!”

And back to #10, someone else on the group asked about sheep, if they were safe or nervous, and *cough* someone might have mentioned something about lambs, and then quoted Clarisse Starling from “Silence of the Lambs.”

Yes, I went there. So?

Someone else mentioned that shows like 1000 Ways to Die tend to focus primarily on men.

Reeeally? Here’s my shocked face.


Again, sex with animals, kids, or non-consenting adults is heinous to the Nth degree.

But…really? REALLY?


How drunk desperate do you have to be to look at a porcupine and say, “Hmm, now I HAVE to get me some of THAT!?”

Stranger than fiction? (Stupid Sex Laws Edition)
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3 thoughts on “Stranger than fiction? (Stupid Sex Laws Edition)

  • February 19, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    Tymber, I don’t know about the rest of them being true or not but I know that the one in Utah is valid. That one is based on you can’t have children after 65 so it’s then safe to marry your first cousin. (I wouldn’t want any of mine but hey whatever floats your boat)
    I want to know why they specify men in #10 it’s legal for men to have sex with animals under 40# but not women? is there not a weight limit for women or do they find they don’t have a lot of women asking for animal sex laws? LOL

  • February 19, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    Ok seriously….I’m with you on the heniousness….wait…is that a word?? But OMGosh the hilarity and obvious sick humor I have made me laugh out loud!!! But REALLY??? A porcupine??? We do have those here on the mountain….and my dogs have had a run-in with them much to their painful detriment! So come on…even my DOGS know better!!! Sheesh!!!

    Alisa (Lee)

  • February 21, 2013 at 8:16 am

    The late great Molly Ivins

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